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But first, we want to talk about a newly popular approach aimed at cleaning up the environment is drawing criticism from people who believe that it actually harms the urban poor, and possibly the environment it's trying to help. I'm talking about fees and sometimes outright bans imposed by some local governments on the use of plastic or paper shopping bags.

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I don't think when you look at the bag tax or plastic bags in general that the benefits address a serious issue. When you look at least nationally in places like California, you know, it's something like three-tenths. California audited its trash and it's at three-tenth of one percent of the waste stream in California was plastic bags and related objects.

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We offer top quality solutions for the realization of creative packaging with a varied range of products such as paper shopping bags, elegant shoppers, suit covers, custom boxes for jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics and much more.

GILLESPIE: I mean, you know, and this comes down to a question of, you know, potentially not necessarily even differing values but differing valuations. To go back to something that Mike said, the city of Santa Monica when it was looking at a bag tax - and Santa Monica, I've lived in California. I've lived in Los Angeles. Santa Monica is very, very up on, you know, what we can possibly do to get rid of the last nanoparticle of anything that might be perceived as pollution. But they concluded that banning plastic bags would have absolutely no impact on their environmental situation, including in which includes a lot of waterfront.

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Zebra club has established itself as the first to introduce the concept of environmental retail, which entailed signage and fixtures to represent a brands particular lifestyle or theme. We have expanded that by being one step ahead of the industry in all aspects of our business.

Sanders may no longer be designing for the company after it was bought by Prada and after her disagreements with the label’s current management, but she is working on a new fashion line for a Japanese company called Uniqlo. She is likely to be a designer for a long time at the said label because of the increase in the demand of her creations. This is likely attributed to her direct approach in making luxury bags, such as hobos, totes, messenger bags, and clutch bags.

Kmart's parent company, Sears Holdings, is trying to turn business around at Kmart and Sears stores with massive spending cuts, more store closures , and, as evidenced by the plastic bags, new slogans. 

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