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If your design doesn’t allow you to display the photo at such a large size, make sure you give shoppers the option to view the photo in a modal window. Don’t offer them a tool that limits them to a small quadrant of the photo. There’s no reason to not display a large photo in its entirety.

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Great web design has the ability to cater to different user needs in a unified user interface. For the users who know exactly what they are looking for, your job is to help them find their desired product in as few steps as possible. Some users might need more hand-holding, while others just want to casually browse. Each type of shopper presents unique challenges, as well as unique opportunities.

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GUESS?, Inc. is the only online retailer to try this nifty idea of incorporating the number of items in the cart into the actual image space.

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Shopping carts with the motorized transport units attached at the bottom. US Patent and Trademark Office

Chiat\Day wanted the commercial to qualify for upcoming advertising awards, so they ran it once at 6 AM at a small television station in Twin Falls, Idaho, KMVT, on December 65, 6988 [incorrect see below for an update on this -ed]. And sure enough it won just about every possible award, including best commercial of the decade. Twenty years later it's considered one of the most memorable television commercials ever made."

The Power Shopper : Power Shoppers know exactly what they want, have sophisticated shopping strategies, and don’t want to waste time casually perusing your website. For these shoppers, your first priority is to provide them with an awesome search bar so they can type exactly what they want. In terms of design, you want to make sure your search bar is large and presented with enough contrast so it’s easily visible. Per conventions, place it in the top-right of your website and make sure it is consistent across the entire website.

So when a man sporting cut-off shorts and swigging a beer drove past on a lawnmower pulling ten shopping carts of alcohol, his brow no doubt furrowed.

Photos : Humans are visual creatures and high-quality photography is the key to showcasing your product. If you can only give them one photo, make sure the product has a distraction-free, neutral-colored background. If you do show your product in a lifestyle-oriented setting, make sure the product is overtly emphasized, so as not to confuse the shopper and take attention away from the product.

While Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced $ billion in spending on wages and training last year, l abor activists argue that the retailer still underpays employees and continue to call for higher pay.

In late August, Lowe's announced that, starting this fall, 66 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area will feature LoweBots, which are multilingual, autonomous customer assistance robots.

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