Going Grocery Shopping? Top 5 Android Shopping List Apps

Date: 2017-12-07 12:42

How do you keep track of your to-buy and grocery lists? Do you use an Android app for that? If so, what? And, what makes you like that app? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Kroger is a pretty popular grocery store and their Android app has a built-in shopping list. The advantage here is that it will sort your list by the aisle that the items are located in. And since it 8767 s the store 8767 s app, it knows better than any other app, where exactly these items are. Of course, Kroger 8767 s app also has their weekly ad, coupons and much more included.

13 Best Grocery List Apps of 2017 - Helpful Shopping List

Notifications in a grocery shopping app don 8767 t immediately seem like a useful feature, but Anylist uses them to let you know when a shared list is modified. This is helpful because I know when new items are on the list that my wife added, so I know I can take a look to make sure I understand the new additions. The notifications are near instant — sometimes I need to text my wife while I 8767 m at the store to ask about something we might need, and I see the notification before I have time to hop back into the app to continue shopping. Of course, you can customize or turn notifications off if you don 8767 t need them.

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This app helps you discover farmstands wherever you are, and it lets you share photos of the things you would recommend at the stand.

This app is my favorite all-around grocery shopping app. It allows you to quickly and easily manage your grocery shopping list by either manually typing, scanning a barcode, or through your voice. You are able also able to see if there are any relevant discounts/coupons for food item you're purchasing.

We 8767 ve covered several other list apps previously, such as our favorite simple list-making app (Clear) , our favorite GTD app (OmniFocus) , and our favorite shared list app (Wunderlist). Why spend the time on such a niche group of apps that can probably be supplanted by any of the apps mentioned above?

If you're used to consulting paper grocery lists, you know that they're easy to lose—and to forget. If you carry a smartphone with you, it makes a lot of sense to put your grocery list on your mobile device. A number of apps can help you organize your shopping, create master lists of things you buy every time you go to the store, and even share lists with your spouse or partner. Here are six great grocery list apps you can use on your smartphone.

Honorable Mention : Grocery IQ. What you'll notice right away with this app is that it briefly walks you through how to create lists. You can add items to your grocery list by typing them in, but this app also lets you add items with your voice or by scanning items' barcodes. The scanning recognition works well, and is a fun way to populate your grocery list — just go through your pantry and fridge and scan the barcodes. With the app, users can also access discounts from , which is the parent app of Grocery iQ. Like other grocery apps, you can also sync your lists to your roommates' smartphones. Grocery iQ is available for iOS and Android.

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who is pretty popular for their to-do list app, also has an app that is just for making grocery lists. This app does sync with other devices, so you can update your list from your tablet, smartwatch or another device. Additionally, it does also have shared lists and automatic sorting, like many other apps on this list.

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