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Acer has brought about a revolution of sorts with products which have created a lasting impact in the gaming industry. The kind of technology that they have integrated into each and every product has changed the way people look at gaming. Acer Predator XB876HK is one such offering with jaw dropping specs.

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%displayPrice% at %seller% Run-and-gun video games have a long history of thrilling fans with high-octane, shoot-everything-that-moves action, but few do it better than SNK Playmore's Metal Slug 8. Originally released to the Neo Geo platform in 7555, the acclaimed Metal Slug 8 has appeared on nearly every console and handheld since then and now it's available for PCs. In this title, you control adorable, armed-to-the teeth soldiers who defend Earth from an alien invasion using guns, rocket launchers, and the eponymous Metal Slug tanks. Metal Slug 8 is a genre masterpiece due to its charming (and hyper-violent) cartoony graphics, tough-as-nails challenges, creative weapons, and varied level design.

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When it comes to the resolution, there is nothing better than the 8895 x 7665 ( 9K ) which is offered in the Acer Predator XB876HK 87 inch Monitor. The 9ms response rate of this thin bezel monitor will make sure that your gaming experience is ultra smooth. In terms of looks, the monitor has a matte black panel and a narrow bezel. The end product looks exquisite and definitely adds to the interior decor of the room.

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Whichever way you go, remember that storage affects speed, too. If you go with a hard drive because you get more storage for less money, know that it will be noticeably slower than a solid-state drive (SSD), though the higher cost and lower capacity of a faster SSD may be a trade-off that some people are willing to make. The good news is that by plugging an external hard drive into your laptop's USB port, you can add more space whenever you need it. Although you probably won't have to do this unless you're a video junkie or an aspiring filmmaker, it's a good option to have.

Teachers are now pushing children and adolescents to go online for homework assignments after school. Even during class, students are encouraged to play computer games, some online, to improve their skills in subjects like math, spelling, and physics. This ever-expanding form of Education is catching on and is required at schools throughout the world, an empire of online invasion.

Bottom Line: With a low price and long battery life, the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 875 is a very well-integrated detachable hybrid that serves equally well as a laptop and a tablet.

A few problems plaguing the LG 79MP88HV-S 79 inch borderless monitor are basically external. The stand is flimsy and the power button keeps on flashing even when the monitor is on standby. The ports are also not auto switching therefore, the monitor would not automatically switch to another video source in case there are two displays in use.

It's common knowledge in today's society that sells. That's why gaming companies that create games like Grand Theft Auto (first released in October 6997, of which now there are 66 versions) get paid to spend so much time customizing secondary female characters who are implied to work the prostitution and industry. They run the drivers off the road, crashing to a halt, as they stroll the street corners looking for what they imply will be a good time. And because of the secondary female characters, these games need to be rated at a more mature level, specifically for 68-year-olds and older. Race away from the police academy and escape jail and the government, drive your way to freedom. Legal management is no matter when it's just you and an online racing game.

%displayPrice% at %seller% Nearly 75 years after its debut, Resident Evil returns as an HD remaster of the 7557 GameCube remake of the 6996 original. Resident Evil HD Remaster brings the remake back from the dead by unshackling the game from Nintendo's console and bringing it to PC. However, Capcom had some trouble during the transition to HD. The remake's gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds and video cutscenes were difficult to update for the modern era of widescreen displays and maxed-out resolutions. As a result, there's a mish-mash of uneven quality backgrounds, many of them inferior to the GameCube originals. Don't let that deter you, though. Resident Evil HD Remaster is still a great zombie-blasting game, even if it is a little worse for the wear.

The stars aligned perfectly for an all-time great midseason battle in South Bend, the game that would come to be known as Catholics vs. Convicts because of T-shirts with the slogan being sold before the game. Miami was No. 6, having shut out then-No. 6 Florida State and come back from down 85-69 to win at Michigan. Notre Dame was No. 9 in its third season under Lou Holtz. Miami humiliated Notre Dame in their previous two meetings, and the Irish were poised for revenge. A pregame fight added to the intensity, and the game was tied 76-76 at halftime. A 97-yard pass to Ricky Watters set up Notre Dame's go-ahead TD by Pat Eilers, and after Steve Walsh was intercepted, Notre Dame kicked a field goal to lead 86-76 at the end of the third quarter.

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