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Altitude: At a mile high, some people who have respiratory illnesses may find this is a little too high in altitude for them. However, some people report feeling far better here and being able to sleep better than they ever could. The elevation is also a major reason we have such a temperate climate and why the area isn’t prone to natural disasters.

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When to Go : October is Diwali, the festival of lights, and Holi, the festival of colors that celebrates the arrival of the spring season falls in mid-March. It's best to visit at some point during or between them the weeks of Diwali and Holi promise festive parties, and the warm, humid weather that the country experiences year-round is much more manageable through the fall and winter.

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It is an every day occurence for people to migrate from the . to have all types of medical procedures—everything from cosmetic surgery to heart bypasses and everything in between done in Mexico. Compare the cost of healthcare and medications in Mexico to the cost in other countries and you will find the cost is usually more than 55% less.

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Where to Stay : Travelers won't have an issue finding accommodations in Cartagena with Oasis Collections or Sofitel , and the new Tcherassi Hotel + Spa is a stylish spot worth visiting for those with a hankering for both luxury and high design. The Four Seasons ' two properties in Bogotá are also a luxurious and safe bet. In Santa Marta, Kali Hotels , Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina and Gitana del Mar are all beautiful hotels in the area.

Not to be confused with Prescott Valley, this small city is a big exception to the Arizona weather. This placed tied for best weather and has great air quality as well. It is also the second highest amenities.

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Maybe there&rsquo s lobster salad spiked with bá nh mì pickles and served with a pig&rsquo s ear terrine on an exquisitely crisp version of a top-loading bun, as a take on a New England lobster roll. He still serves a Burmese fermented tea leaf salad made with Marcona almonds as well as crunchy beans, garnished with barely cooked prawns and raw butterfish pushed toward Thailand with a dusting of blast-frozen coconut milk. Someday, Yoon may decide to streamline all this into a $655 tasting menu. Until then, Lukshon is almost a bargain.

When to Go : Early fall, like September-October is best, whether is crisp but not cold. – Julie Kosin, Senior Digital Editor, Social & Culture

Colombia feels like five countries in one. The Caribbean coast (Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta) is a different world from the Andean interior (Bogotá, Medellín) both have a different feel than the Pacific Coast (including Cali, the country's third largest city) or the the Amazon to the South and the plains that border Venezuela on the East. Cartagena and Bogotá are both great cities with something unique to offer, but are equally dynamic.

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