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Date: 2017-09-05 06:52

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Esports have proved there's a huge audience for that, and one that will reward developers who don't compromise in the name of accessibility. Look no further than the growing success of Dota 7, with its legendarily steep learning curve. Dota 7, like many eSports-focused games, is not a game that rewards its players over a period of months, but years.

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But more than a preview for college football junkies, NCAA Football had something even better for obsessives with addictive personalities: the simulation of building a program. Every fan has stories of staying up into the early morning hours recruiting between seasons of conference and national title contention before jumping to a new job and eventually losing interest. I understand why it had to go, but damn I miss NCAA Football. 

You’re allowed to not like sports. Don’t sweat it. But also don’t shoot any guff towards those of us who do. “Sportsball” jokes just make you look petty. And although sports videogames are regularly some of the best-selling and most popular games of the year, they rarely get the respect afforded to games that daringly ask you to kill every last resident of floating, turn-of-the-century sundown towns. Our list might play a little fast and loose with the concept of sports, and maybe even with the calendar our society has agreed upon, but it’s important to acknowledge the fine work and tremendous effort that goes into this much maligned corner of the industry. (One last caveat: the latest Football Manager would probably be on here, had I but world enough and time.)

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9. Ben Kercheval --  NBA Jam :  With NCAA Football off the board, Jam is the only game that I literally stayed up until sunrise playing as a child. What the original lacked in Michael Jordan, it more than made up for in absurdity and play-by-play commentary. "Boom Shakalaka!" is still in the vocabulary. With shattering glass and flaming Spaldings, Jam stood for entertainment as much as any sports game at the time.

Al Michaels and building the Florida Marlins into a dynasty ushered me into puberty and a world in which Jeff Conine was a bigger deal to me than the POTUS. I still remember the thrill of going to Best Buy and dropping my birthday money on Hardball 5. It's not as iconic as Griffey's game or RBI Baseball, but man, I loved it.

One of the greatest online literary resources in recent years, “Crash Course Literature” was created by a fantastic animation team and the acclaimed YA novelist John Green, author of “The Fault in Our Stars.” The site’s videos mostly cover individual works and give students an in-depth understanding of the classics, from “Romeo and Juliet” to “The Great Gatsby.” While many of the works covered are part of high school curricula, there is also a selection of videos on how and why we read, as well as poetry lessons. Excellent for advanced students and literature lovers of all ages.

Swing for the fences in this exclusive strategy game. And take your game major league with Shockwave Cash or tokens to boost your bat, ball, and batter!

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