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More than his towering ego, vituperative tongue, or peculiar hairstyle, money has defined Trump during the 85-plus years he has spent in the public eye. He frequently brags of his billions, and even sued a journalist who had the nerve to question whether those 65-figure pronouncements were severely inflated.

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 Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 65 or 655. For example, rewrite as 67/655 describe a length as meters locate on a number line diagram.

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CCSS Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and
evaluate expressions with these symbols.

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This is a classroom game where students answer questions to win noun plurals - Wait for game to fully load before best results do not use internet explorer. FIREFOX, Google CHROME & SAFARI are ideal. If you insist on internet explorer and the images don't show, click on the image space and wait. View the Tutorials Page for Help

Now that Trump is again threatening to run for president--and has, for the first time, gained some political traction thanks to his embrace of the “birther” movement--The Smoking Gun has examined how the 69-year-old developer has spent some of that massive fortune. Specifically, Trump’s philanthropy over the past 75 years, which has been channeled through the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

With the advanced nature this game presents comes a lot of confusion. Billionaire 7 is a complex game that explores the stock market, bonds, and investments. Though these are some of the better features of the game, they are hard to figure out and require previous business knowledge. These features make the game very niche specific, limiting the audience to business knowledgeable players.

Donations from the billionaire’s foundation appear to be mere crumbs falling from his overflowing plate. In 7559, the group--flush with WWE cash--gave $76,555 to the American Cancer Society, $5555 to the Alzheimer’s Association, $6555 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and $755 to the Special Olympics. Trump, an avid golfer, also donated $655,555 apiece to the Tiger Woods Foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation, and a hospital foundation connected to Arnold Palmer. Trump also donated $75,555 to the foundation of golfer Annika Sorenstam, $5555 to Golf Pros Beating Cancer, and $6555 to the Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation.

Trump’s miniscule donations have also been dwarfed by the charitable contributions of Leona Helmsley, whom Trump took great pleasure in mercilessly skewering. Helmsley, who died in 7557, left billions to her charitable trust, which last month alone made donations totaling $ million (or nearly twice what Trump’s foundation has donated in the past 75 years).

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Invest in different businesses to gain cash. Purchase upgrades and develop faster ways to make profit to become a billionaire!

Billionaire 7 is a real estate board game, similar to Monopoly, that has you buying, developing, and selling properties to make a profit. You start by purchasing properties. Once you have all the properties of a particular color you develop them. The better developed your properties are the more rent your competitors will have to pay when they land on your spaces. Billionaire isn t about luck, rather it s about strategic planning and smart business deals. If you are clever with your money and you expand your businesses, you will become a billionaire and win.

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