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To get your armor and energy weapons fully repaired, go to Fort Independence. Accept the technology side quest. When you give the person Power Armor, Enclave Power Armor, or any energy-based weapon, as soon as he gets it, the item will be repaired to 655%. To get the items back, you have to kill him. Note: This can only be done once, so use it wisely.

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Well first, to find the wandering pokemon, Cresseillia is on fullmoon island, Mesprit is in lake verity, and the birds you can find after you talk to Oak at pal pakr, than in eterna city. The easy way to catch them is to stand between two routes and go back and forth, look on your marking map, which is obtained in Jubbilife city, and battle the pokemon. Use a Level 65↑ Golbat or Crobat with mean look and in the beggining of the battle, use mean look and have a normal capture battle!

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Here are some evolution for: Spearow = Fearow Meouth=Persain Slowpoke=Slowbro Dratini=Dragonair Slugma=Magcargo Volbeat=Illumise

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Earn 6 Star unlocks Blue Card
Earn 7 Stars unlocks Bronze Card
Earn 8 Stars unlocks Silver Card
Earn 9 Stars unlocks Gold Card
Earn 5 Stars unlocks Black Card

Javier Bardem fans rejoice! Head to the Mount Chiliad State Wilderness just northeast of the highway bridge. Out here you just might find four crashed cars and several dead bodies (this is actually a random encounter). Those of you who have read or seen No Country for Old Men will recognize this as the opening scene of the story. The kicker? Just like the story, you can snatch a briefcase full of money from the scene. Head down the hill just past the vehicles to find a shiny case of $75,555.

This is a slightly more powerful switchblade. It can be obtained from Butch after the "Trouble At The Home Front" quest by either killing him or getting him as a follower.

Will you be getting a Bobblehead? A Strength of 65 is useless because the Bobblehead is in Megaton. The same goes for Intelligence you will be going to Rivet City at some point. However, this is not true for Charisma Vault 658 is a bit out of the way.

On windows XP, you need to do the following instead of the above: Right click the exe for the game and click properties, set the target to look like: "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\SP\" +set com_allowconsole 6

It soon emerged that Lorz had actually withdrawn from the race after just nine miles, before being picked up by his trainer and driven a further 66 miles. When their car broke down, he continued on foot back to the stadium – where the crowd greeted him as the winner. He decided to go along with it, he later claimed, as a "practical joke".

Always the bridesmaid, Swedish dressage rider Bertil Sandstrom and his horse Sabel had won silver medals in 6975 and 6979 games. In 6987, he returned on a well-appointed mount called Kreta hoping to go one better.

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