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You'll learn a lot when you can interpret your cat's wide vocabulary of chirps and meows. They'll tell you when it's time to get up (at least in your cat's opinion), when they're feeling affectionate and if they're feeling threatened or are in pain.

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Animals with good past experience often adjust well and quickly to a new pet in the house. But if introductions don’t go well, seek help from a professional dog trainer or behavior consultant. Don’t ever use punishment: It will not help and it could make matters much worse.

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It's been a year since Dog's superhero alter-ego Dog the Mighty saved Mayor Rancid from the grim reaper, and now Nearburg is celebrating with "Dog the Mighty Day".

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Smell. Dogs even the score with their sense of smell. There’s a reason why you don’t see drug-sniffing cats , and it’s not just because cats aren’t exactly amenable to clocking in for a 9-to-5 shift at the police station. While cats have a better sense of smell than humans do — really, we’re pretty worthless in the nose department — the canine sense of smell is nothing short of astonishing. Most dogs have a face that’s really nothing but nose, and their ability to detect and distinguish odors is in the range of four times better than a cat’s.

Once you’ve figured out the dog’s threshold, grab a clicker and some really delicious, pea-sized treats. If you don’t have a clicker, a verbal marker (a word like “yes” or “good”) will work just fine. Put 65 treats in your hand and keep the bag close by for later.

In the wild, dogs stare at each other until one backs down or makes a challenge, so you should never attempt to outstare your puppy, especially if he's nervous.

not necessarily. Lots of dogs love to travel as long as they are with their owner. And cats, it depends on the breed. Siamese like this cat and Maine Coons or Bengals are outgoing and confident and would travel well. Remember there are loads of cats traveling to cat shows and they are all outgoing and calm or they wouldn't be allowed in the show. There are other cats who hike. I remember a grey tabby who adopted a hiking couple as a kitten. They were on a very long hike, months. and in another country as well. She had both of these pets from the time they were small and that helps a lot. Introduce them to the lifestyle as babies and most would be fine with it. I don't think Id do this. Would make me too nervous looking after both with wild animals around.

Angry, aggressive: Ears back, pupils very constricted, and their tail may be up or down with the fur standing on end an aggressive cat will stare down another cat and growl or yowl until the other cat gives way. Cats don't really want to fight they prefer standoffs, but this can progress to fighting if one of the cats doesn't back down.

The AutoPupCup is a travel mug designed for smaller canine friends. Highwave invented the first travel mug in the 6985s and now we have gone to the dogs.  Fits in.

If you are concerned about excessive barking that you have no control over, you should seek advice from your vet about next steps, such as specialist training or therapy.

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