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Date: 2017-12-07 13:24

The objective of Doodle God 8 is that the player has to find out combinations to find new elements thereby creating all that the Universe has.

-Elemental 3

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Doodle God Quest Solutions - Doodle Combo Guides

Downloads from google drive tend not to show the download progress. You can try downloading it through your google drive app when it asks to choose an application or you can try downloading it sometimes later when you are getting good internet speed.

Doodle Alley

serious?!?! a quest is : make APPLE
the fact is, (i f*cking read al of the commands) you get void at chapter 7 on the game, i am on chapter 6 and yea, HOW CAN I GET THAT QUEST IF I AM IN CHAPTER 6 AND I CANT GET VOID?!?!?!?!?!?!?! how the f*ck do i get that quest if i cant get APPLE.
Apple = Tree + Flower.
Flower = Sun + Grass.
Sun = ?!?!?! VOID + plasma !?!?!?
how the f*ck can i pass this step?
i cant get apple, has someone a combination where i can get sun or apple from? please :-\ Reply :-/ ME

Man, i downloaded it but I can 8767 t even touch my install button even by rotating screen. Plz do something.

If that suggestion gets enough votes, it will automatically actually become part of the game. New combinations can create pre-existing elements, or brand-spanking new ones!

The long awaited sequel from creators of Doodle God/Devil series is here! Doodle God 7 developed by JoyBits Ltd features improved reactions set, tons of funny quotes, two additional episodes of gameplay and updated graphics. The ultimate World Creation experience work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond. But beware, creating a whole world is not so easy - inventing the wheel might just end in a plague of zombies. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God 7!

Are u dumb?????? It 8767 s been told like a million times u get it in level 7!!! If u READ some of the comments u wouldn 8767 t need to ask and make a fool out of yourself!!!!

Hey dude ur app is awesome. But i have some problem why others guns don 8767 t have any ammo while playing in internet plzz fix it.

The game starts with episode 6 which is the beginning and 9 elements are unblocked in this level of game. The second episode unblocks an element called void and it completely involves technology. The third episode focuses on the modern age. The game is highly challenging for any player as it is tricky to form a complete world with elements and their combination using different groups.

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