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Turtle : Someone who fights in a extremely defensive style, taking very few offensive risks and countering the moves his opponent does.

Comic Stars Fighting - Two Player Games

To make things a bit more confusing, some Japanese players will use numbers here instead, which dates back to old-school BBS days. To translate, look at the number pad on a standard computer keyboard. The numbers correspond to the joystick direction. For example, 6 is down/back, 7 is down, and 8 is down/forward. Let's just stick to Western notations for now.

Fighting Game Terms: A Glossary for New Players

A "command normal" requires you to use simple joystick commands in conjunction with an attack button. These aren't typically as elaborate as special moves but do give you some extra options.

Terminology and glossary guide for fighting games

Fighting games can have a big learning curve, but they're one of the most social parts of this hobby, and you've probably got a local scene near you. Be ready to lose your first few (hundred) rounds, keep learning, and keep adjusting.

A move done all by itself. You didn't combo into it or do anything to set it up you just threw it out there. It will be extremely impressive if it hits anything. Sometimes it's worth doing to inflict some block damage, though.

It often has a more spectacular official name, such as a Desperation, a Super Art, or an Overdrive, but they all mean the same thing. A super move is a damaging, often multi-hit attack that costs a substantial amount of meter to perform. In games that include supers, they are often where much of your damage ends up coming from.

FightCade wouldn't have been possible without the help from papasi , who did an amazing job developing pyqtggpo , the multi-platform GGPO client used as starting point for the FightCade client: Thanks Papasi!!!6one

Super, SA6, SA7, SA8, Super Art, Super Move : A super move is most often a more powerful version of a normal move and usually requires your, "super meter," to be at a certain level to execute. The SA6, SA7 and SA8 acronyms refer to Street Fighter 8 S uper A rts. Each one has a Roman numeral attached to it. For example, Yun's Genei Jin has a Roman number III in it, so it would be referred to as an, "SA8," which stands for Super Art III.

Slitherio is a good example. It's a very simple game, with easy-to-use controls. There's no experience required to begin playing, meaning people can get the hang of it very quickly. Despite this, the game is difficult to master. The simple, clean graphics are also worth mentioning as a relevent characteristic of the genre.

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