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Students' attention should be drawn to the transfer of energy that occurs as one organism eats another. It is important that students learn the differences between how plants and animals obtain food and from it the energy they need. ( Benchmarks for Science Literacy , p. 675.)

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Remember that these are just a few different food chains, and that many food chains make up a big, interconnected food web.

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Pond Circle by Betsy Franco is a good book to use for introducing food chains to kids. I love what the jacket says about the book: 8775 On a summer night by a small pond, all seems still. But a closer look reveals a world of activity—mayflies dart, beetles dive, frogs spring, skunks shuffle, and owls swoop. As a girl watches, the circle of life unfolds. Betsy Franco’s rhythmic, cumulative text makes this a lively read-aloud, and rich, luminous paintings by Stefano Vitale capture the bold beauty of nature. readers will be inspired to journey into their own backyards and discover the wonder of the living, breathing world around them. 8776

The rise and fall of Subway, the world's biggest food chain

Good try! Fungi are decomposers. All living things eventually die. Decomposers, like fungi and worms, can turn living things back into soil.

There are two labelling activities and one sorting task to support work towards the end of the unit. There three sections are as follows: 6) Labelling a life cycle diagram of a flowering plant. 7) Sorting plants by method of seed dispersal. 8) Labelling the reproductive organs of a flower.
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Most students have studied plants and have been introduced to the idea that plants make their own food. They have been told that all energy initially comes from the sun. Some students may be capable of writing the formula for photosynthesis but many have no idea how this is possible, nor do they see its relevance to their daily lives.

This resource consists of a labelling activity, an animation of the water cycle followed by another labelling activity.
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Good try! The right answer is snake. Carnivores, like snakes, eat other animals. This Garter Snake eats small frogs for food.

A hawk is a carnivore and would make a nice meal out of a snake.

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