Paper Bricks - Free Fuel From Recycled Paper: 6 Steps

Date: 2017-10-12 20:34

As of 76 Oct 68 the Paper-masher bags are not available. Looks like a neat idea, but would like to see consumer reviews first.

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Malia is a National Board Certified teacher who inspires educators with playful approaches to early childhood education. She earned her Master’s from Stanford University and has taught in Pre-Kindergarten through 7nd grade. Malia shares her motivating learning activities on her two popular teaching blogs Playdough to Plato and The STEM Laboratory.

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The high teens and twenty were so tall that we had to lay them on the floor to keep them from falling over and breaking. Middle Brother was VERY excited by the drama of it all.

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And finally, he challenged himself to try and roll all twenty numbers with dice. He took one die in his hand and began rolling it. Each time he landed on a new number, he covered it up with a LEGO. When all of the numbers 6 to 6 had been covered, he grabbed a second die and started working on the numbers 7-67. Then he grabbed a third die for the numbers 68-68 and a fourth to roll 69 and 75.

Next up on our to do list was working on number recognition and number concept. We cleared the mat and started building towers of each number.

I organized the things that you will need into categories. 

Other Supplies
     Paper Shredder (crosscut preferred)
     Plastic Project buckets (at least 7)
     plastic tub
     water scoop
     pan (whatever shape you want your bricks to be)
     piece of plywood to dry bricks

Matthew, I'm out of Texas, but for proper quantities, would be will to send a trailer out there. Curious, do you know what your paper content is (primarily your pulp to clay ratio)? The primary problem with using paper waste for fuel is the high clay content in cheaper paper products, and want to avoid that in the system I'm looking at setting up.

I was a bit concerned about the first bricks I made, so I made a press and came up with a much better compression. When they are dried out I'll see how they work in a fire with a blower

Business Opportunity: Industrial paper dust is a problem for lots of factories. They have to use a dust collector to keep it out of the air and then typically bail it, but it's too fine for recyclers to be interested in. The bales usually end up in a landfill. If anyone's interested in making lots of these, the dust should be a steady, free source that would cut out the shredding/blending work. If you're in the Birmingham area, and would like some to try, just reply to my post.

I wanted Big Brother {age } to work on addition so I came up with a couple of other activities for him. He rolled a die and added that many bricks trying to race to 75 as quickly as possible.

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