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The problem with this was that it made unit types too dispersed. I wanted combined arms to be a feature of most battles, not constant skirmishing between 7 red cavalry attacking 7 blue artillery (the result of a grassland cities' units attacking a mountain cities' units).

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My Dad, the master craftsman, came through for me again. His solution was to take a bigger piece of wood, in this case a 6 x7 stick, lay it on the table saw such that the 7 is the vertical height, and use that to push the taped together bundle of sticks past the blade. The saw blade was set at about 8/9 in height, and so it wouldn't cut all the way through the 6 x7 stick, though it would cut all the way through the 6/7 sticks I was chopping up into little towns/cities.

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I was determined with VIKTORY to have something better. Sadly all I could find were these sailboats. Frigates have boats have enough I guess :)

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Tabletop gaming had a banner year of excellent releases. Explore some of the best in our end-of-the-year round-up of our favorite board, card, miniature, and role-playing games.

Zumi Mouse didn&rsquo t live in a house, he wanted to live on the moon!
As the world cat passed by, he rode up to the sky,
And round his head put a balloon.
He munched and he chewed, &rsquo till the cheese moon was hewed,
And Zumi had plenty of holes he&rsquo d accrued.
But what a mistake &ndash such a bad bellyache,
Zumi&rsquo s home is his favorite food!

Imperial Conquest never had capitals. All towns/cities were of equal importance. This had an elegant symmetry that greatly appealed to me initially.

The encouraging thing was that I still had all of my fingers intact after using table saws all summer to cut out such small pieces of wood!

I 8767 m here to help! Game Programming Patterns is a collection of patterns I found in games that make code cleaner, easier to understand, and faster.

Meanwhile, I had to decide what colors to have included in my game. I conducted a color preference survey on , then added the results from other similar surveys to create the following preference score chart.

One of the best parts of having developed VIKTORY II is that along the way, I've been privileged to encounter a number of thoughtful gamers that I'm now proud to call friends. It's comforting to know such nice people are out there and it's been a joy to have them help me out along this development path.

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