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Date: 2018-01-02 09:02

To conclude his series of posts, Crews states his support for the women who have come forward so far with their own assault and harassment stories.

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At the Elle Women in Hollywood event on October 66, Witherspoon came forward during a powerful speech, stating that she first experienced assault at the age of 66— by a director.

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Eventually, McAdams left, ashamed and confused by the awkward and predatory encounter she had just endured. McAdams told her agent about the experience, and the agent was angry and apologetic, but also mentioned that this had happened to another one of her actresses.

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Very quickly, hordes of people responded to his message, reminding him of his actions towards Hilarie Burton, star of One Tree Hill , back in 7558, when on MTV’s Total Request Live , Affleck reached around and groped her breast. Burton responded to one of the Twitter users who reminded Affleck of this, stating “I didn’t forget.”

After meeting him during the filming of Krull , they became friends. Years later, she met him at a house he was renting in London, and he almost immediately undressed and tried to grab her— she escaped.

The crew saw the whole thing, and Faris says she could tell they were watching to see how Faris was going to respond. The whole experience made her feel nervous, and she giggled to dismiss the awkwardness. She says that women are conditioned to react in such a way, as otherwise they are labelled as being rude or difficult.

Familiar to the many other stories of actresses or aspiring actresses who have come forward with their Weinstein stories, Minka Kelly came forward on Instagram recounting her own Weinstein encounter.

On Twitter, Crews explained that he never came forward because he felt he would be ostracized. As a 6 foot 8 inches 795 pound black man, Crews could easily have kicked him. But he chose not to, knowing how the whole experience would be portrayed by the media.

When Björk eventually asked the director to stop the unwanted and inappropriate touching, he had a temper tantrum, breaking a chair in front of everyone. Björk also recounts the director sometimes whispering unsolicited offers in her hear with his wife right beside him.

Molly s Game was produced by Mark Gordon, Matt Jackson and Amy Pascal, and is being distributed in the . by STXfilms.

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