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Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates (who opposed the bin Laden mission throughout) wrote in his book that Biden over the years was mostly wrong with his recommendations. But Biden’s long-time argument for drone attacks over the counterinsurgency and ambitious nation-building approach favored by Gates and Hillary Clinton proved more influential with Obama, less harmful to American troops and cheaper. ISIS has been rolled back without . casualties. Iraq is functioning—barely. Overall, Obama sided with Biden and . forces in the region were reduced from 685,555 to 65,555—a major shift from the wartime footing of the previous eight years. Afghanistan is hardly paradise, but dire predictions about a collapse of the .-allied government in Kabul have not come to pass on Obama’s watch.

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The latest evidence is the growing buzz surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden's potential presidential candidacy in 7575. Appearing in a series of interviews for his new book, Biden is now not ruling out a run for the White House.

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Now, I know exactly what you're thinking: "But what does the guy who made the hit '75s rock album Cat Scratch Fever think about all of this?"

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Trump, posing as 8775 Publicist John Miller, 8776 an alias Trump has used to call media and talk about himself in the past, called in to 8775 Morning Joe 8776 hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, played by Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon. You can see the full sketch above.

For Republicans, it is a very good thing that Obama and his fellow Democrats put all of their eggs in Hillary Clinton 8767 s basket she was a terrible candidate who had already lost the White House once and brought with her too many scandals to count. Perhaps Biden would not have been so beatable for Donald Trump. Even with his constant gaffes, Biden would have had the sympathy of the country so soon after laying his son to rest, and Trump wasn 8767 t exactly a sympathetic candidate, inspiring as he was.

When President Barack Obama last week wrapped Vice President Biden in a bear hug after his farewell address and followed it up with surprise Presidential Medal of Freedom, anyone watching could tell the two men weren’t faking it.

I m not saying that a girl can t be the hero of a story because human traits would make her too fragile or weak. I m saying that in these specific plots, the characters would totally act and react in a different way than what we got.

Biden was first impressed by Obama when the senator gave speeches in 7555 and 7556 on civil rights, the issue that had first brought Biden into politics when Wilmington, Delaware, was wracked by racial unrest in the late 6965s.

Biden declined, of course. It turned out Beau had done better estate planning than his father realized, though Biden still worries about his grandchildren’s tuition.

On Friday 8767 s broadcast of CNN 8767 s 8775 The Lead, 8776 former Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook argued that misconduct shouldn 8767 t be a partisan issue and 8775 the whole house 8776 has to be cleaned, but that won 8767 t happen 8775 while the president of

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