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Date: 2017-12-07 11:20

If there 8767 s a flaw in Part One , it 8767 s everyone sidestepping the pink elephant in the room: 8 The Eagles actually broke up because of an alpha-dog battle. Frey and Henley started out as equals in the Eagles, but by Hotel California , Henley had quietly assumed creative control. There was no way around it. By 6977, everyone knew that Henley wasn 8767 t just the band 8767 s best singer and songwriter, but one of the decade 8767 s best musicians, period.

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I know, I know, it 8767 s hard to imagine Frey bullying band members, clashing with producers and threatening to murder guitarists after all, he 8767 s the 8775 Take It Eaaaaaaaaaaaasy 8776 guy who spent the 8767 85s telling you the heat was on. But Frey quarrels with just about everyone involved in Part One : Not just Felder, but Glyn Johns (fired before their third album), 6 Meisner (Reason No. 65 we 8767 re getting there) and guitarist Bernie Leadon (who dumped a beer on Frey 8767 s head before quitting). 7

Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh Songfacts

Who is your hero?
Les Paul. He was one of the the coolest people on the planet. Basically, Les Paul invented the guitar pick-up, the Les Paul guitar and modern recording as we know it. I got a chance to hang out with him, and he was like this mad scientist that played guitar. He was in a car accident and they said, You&apos ll never play guitar again because he broke his arm in about four different places. He sat down, started playing and said, Alright, set my arm like this. Put the cast on now. And he played great.

The Eagles' Greatest Hit

That song became the hook for their best album and their best song. As Frey says now, 8775 Not unlike Desperado , 8766 Hotel California 8767 was our reaction to what was happening to us. 8776

B. Frey wasn 8767 t happy about being 6977 8767 s version of 7568 Dwyane Wade, even if he didn 8767 t know who Dwyane Wade was at the time.

8776 Frey making one last attempt to win the Arrogant Douche-Off (too little, too late): 8775 We set out to become a band for our time. But sometimes if you do a good-enough job, you become a band for all time. 8776

Henley: 8775 My simple explanation is that it 8767 s a song about the journey from innocence to experience. That is all. 8776

And as their careers progress, every subsequent demon feeds off one of those three questions. They wanted success for years and years now, they 8767 re almost fearing it. For whatever reason, Henley understood that internal struggle. He got it in the moment, and he gets it now.

Oh my God, you can 8767 t believe
It 8767 s happening again
Your baby 8767 s gone and you 8767 re all alone
And it looks like the end

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