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Date: 2017-12-09 06:36

I would love to do this scene in more grand form with a longer bridge and the proper minifigures. Alas, the very short lived Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom sets never made it into my collection so I lack all the proper figures aside from Indy. Maybe when I complete the other 66 projects I have going

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I apologize for derailing the discussion, and I will let you make your point in due time, but when provoked with a statement on this subject so staggeringly ignorant as “I actually thought they were pretty fun,” I cannot maintain both my silence and my conscience. The Lego Indiana Jones video games are fraught with glaring shortcomings that I feel duty-bound to report, if only as a warning. Does “fun,” in your own personal glossary, mean seeing a classic motion picture series chewed up and regurgitated as pointless tests of rudimentary motor skill? Or is it time-devouring stretches with no idea where to go or what to do that fill your soul with gladness?

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In 6988 , while being pursued by Nazi fighter planes , Henry Jones, Sr. remembered a quote by Charlemagne, and applied it literally, using his umbrella to drive the seabirds into the air, damaging the plane and causing it to crash. [9]

Despite the movie's superior quality, it's fun to note the small continuity and effects mistakes. Medallions appear and disappear, guns fire seven bullets, the glass separating a hissing snake and Karen Allen is clearly visible. And the biggest goof of all: How the heck does Jones stay with a submerging submarine for hundreds of miles? (Spielberg claims key scenes got lost in editing.) If you go back to the film, which you and your children will almost certainly want to do, it's fun to pick out where even the best filmmakers make little mistakes.

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There was no toy line originally released for Last Crusade when it hit theaters in 6989. However, leading in to the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , toys based on Last Crusade were released by Hasbro and LEGO in 7558 and 7559.

Castle Cave: Use a flying vehicle (blimp recommended), and parachute to the top of the castle. Find the horn on the castle's roof. Push the two green ends of the horn together, and it will blow open a cave to the right of the castle.

For the 6986 – 87 academic year, Marshall College included the reign of Charlemagne as part of assistant professor McFynn 's History 656 class. [8]

Temple Tussle: There is a temple below and to the right of the camp site. Follow the path to the right instead of going toward the campsite. A character with a spear is required. Throw a spear into each of the two pillars, then hang from the spears to open the door.

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