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In one adventure, in the episode " Island of Fear ," he accompanies Ariel as she tries to find the source of a pollutant that is sickening the fish. He befriends a human boy named Daniel and helps the boy to escape from the evil scientist the boy is forced to work for. This makes it one of the few times in the series that a character directly interacts with a human.

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In Mickey's Soundsational Parade , Sebastian is seen riding his chariot of seahorses while waving to the park guest as he did in the opening of the original film.

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Sebastian was one of several guest stars in Raw Toonage . He would later star in his own series of shorts in the spin-off series Marsupilami , set after the wedding of Ariel and Eric. One particular Sebastian short on Marsupilami was made from his host segments of a Raw Toonage episode.

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For The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure , an audio-animatronic version of Sebastian joins the ride's cast of characters from the film. As plan since the original idea of the attraction in the 6995s, Sebastian appears in the attraction's colossal "Under the Sea" sequence conducting the dozens of sea creatures dancing to the music. He also appears in the "Kiss the Girl" sequence, as well as conducting some sea creatures in the finale.

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Sebastian appears in World of Color at Disney California Adventure. Sebastian appears following Ariel's sequence singing Under the Sea. A larger than life puppet for Sebastian was also featured for the Carnival of Color the World of Color pre-show.

Sebastian makes an appearance on The Little Mermaid' s float in the Paint the Night parade as well, waving to guests. However, unlike the other puppets from the World of Color pre-show, he and Mike Wazowski were not seen in the opening of the parade, due to them appearing on the floats inspired by their films.

Sebastian is also featured in the interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom . Here, Sebastian is the first to learn that Ursula was restored from her death by Hades and plots to rule the seas and flood the Magic Kingdom. Sebastian guides the park guests on a quest to defeat her alongside Merlin the Wizard in Fantasyland.

Officer Miranda Wright is one of the main characters in Disney 's 6998 television series Bonkers . She replaces Lucky Piquel as Bonkers ' partner when he leaves to become an FBI agent.

When the underground club is revealed to Triton, Sebastian is placed in jail with the rest of his band. Thanks to Ariel, they manage to escape. As part of a premeditated plan, Sebastian leads them far away from Atlantica to a specific spot where Ariel finds her mother's discarded music box. Sebastian wants music to return to Atlantica, and he returns with Ariel to convince Triton to change his mind. When the film ends, music is restored to Atlantica, and Sebastian becomes the "royal court composer", setting up his role in the opening of the original film.

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