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Math League This is a help resource for 9th through 8th grades. It covers all strands. (Junior/Intermediate)

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Math Curriculum & Software Solutions | Carnegie Learning

A Math Dictionary for Kids - an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 955 common mathematical terms in simple language. (requires Flash)


An interactive math dictionary with enough math words, math terms,
math formulas, pictures, diagrams, tables, and examples to satisfy your inner math geek.

Junior High Math - This multimedia resource includes interactive math activities, print activities, learning strategies, and videos that illustrate how math is used in everyday life. The resource addresses all the intermediate mathematics strands.

Wired Math - free math games and resources for Grades 7, 8, 9 - from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo - English and French

Our Math Lab has a variety of software packages. None have been more effective than the MathTutor series in building math skills. Your software is outstanding.

FunBrain Games for kids at this site include Math Baseball and Fresh Baked Fractions. (Primary/Junior)

Our son was failing algebra, and we had almost given up hope. Your software program made all the difference. Now math is his favorite subject!

Egrafov, M.
If you ask mathematicians what they do, you always get the same answer. They think. They think about difficult and unusual problems. They do not think about ordinary problems: they just write down the answers.

Inflection Points and Concavity Intuition from YouTube · High Definition · Duration: 13 minutes 43 seconds · 288,000+ views · uploaded on 1/22/2010 · uploaded by Khan Academy

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