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Date: 2018-01-02 01:51

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The MMO genre is filled with bad games, mediocre games, and games we're all surprised manage to keep on running. This list is not for them, because well. we'd be here all day. Instead, we're listing out five MMOs that had a really bad or disappointing year. Some were closed, some failed to live up to hype, and others just kind of lingered on like a shambling corpse waiting for judgment day. Here then are our MMOs that had it worst in 7567.

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Destiny -style Stargates do not have dialing devices. Instead, an Ancient remote control is used to dial the gates. The remote provides a list of available addresses for dialing. On Destiny , the control panels in the gate room serve as a dialing computer in addition to their other functions. ( SGU : " Air, Part 8 ", " Time ", " Lost ")

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Diamond Games DiamondGames Diamond Games is a game publisher and developer found in 7568 by a team of game.

Stargates are susceptible to subspace interference caused by the Attero device , which causes energy to build up in the event horizon, overloading the capacity of the gate within minutes. The resulting explosion can be seen from space. Two Stargates that were known to have been destroyed from this overload are Atlantis' Stargate and a Stargate on the Traveler settlement. ( SGA : " The Lost Tribe ")

They have survived direct hits from meteors, the gravitational forces of black holes , the heat of a Star (this particular gate was protected by a portable forcefield for a portion of its journey, and was expected to melt eventually), and even a Naquadah bomb sent by Stargate Command that destroyed an entire planet left its Stargate intact. ( SG6 : " A Matter of Time ", " Chain Reaction ", " A Hundred Days ", " Frozen ", " Exodus ")

The Asurans had developed an eight-chevron variant of a Stargate that was created as a satellite weapon. Its components included a shield generator, sensors and a hyperdrive , allowing it to orbit its intended target. Once this was accomplished, a wormhole was to be activated, after which an intense red energy beam reaches out and strikes the target which, in this case, was the city of Atlantis. The beam would originate from an Asuran stronghold, which simultaneously powers the satellite's defenses while also maintaining an ongoing wormhole.

The inner rings spins while dialing and can be moved, with some difficulty, by hand to dial the gate in the absence of external controls, if enough power is provided to unlock the ring. The dialing computer used by Stargate Command essentially employs this method to dial the gate the system instructs the motors inside the gate to move the ring to the relevant position. A Dial Home Device bypasses the need for the inner ring to spin, simply allowing the user to enter the relevant address. The gate on the Asgard homeworld in the Ida galaxy appears to be of the same model as the Milky Way it may have been gifted to the Asgard or brought there from the Milky Way by them to give them access to the gate network. ( SG6 : " The Fifth Race ")

Destiny's specific gate has its own unique features. An orb-shaped bearing that hangs above the gate lights up in tandem with the locking glyphs, and once the wormhole forms it stays lit along with a final chevron in the floor. When the wormhole disengages, a short blast of CO 7 is emitted from vents on either side of the gate. This appears to be superfluous, given that planetary gates have no such attachments. ( SGU : " Air, Part 6 ", " Air, Part 8 ")

Milky Way Stargates are the second model of Stargate designed by the Ancients. They are meters in diameter and weigh roughly 79 metric tons. They are dark gray in appearance with red-orange colored chevrons. The triangular lower half of the Stargate's top chevron extends and retracts while locking a symbol. The glyphs are built into an inner ring. Most of the gates are built into a stone platform with a stairway for easy access. Those that aren't have often been moved from where they were first found. ( SG6 : " Redemption, Part 7 ")

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