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Date: 2017-09-05 05:51

How do you find an invisible wall? Throw paint at it! Run, jump and splat your way to the finish before you run out of paint.

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Those crazy penguins from Cone Crazy have now opened a milkshake shop! Make the milkshakes, and serve them while practicing your math facts. Get enough correct and you can decorate the shoppe!

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I am happy to offer all of the games on for free and have no plans to EVER charge for them. However, with all of the latest changes in technology, both in the homes, and in the classrooms, it has become mandatory that Fun9theBrain change the games over to new programming languages so it can continue to reach as many students as possible.

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Ping Pong the Panda is trying to get his food, but the crazy Bunjas have taken over the Bamboo Forest. Can you help him get his food back from the bunny ninjas?

Help Snagger the fish catch all the correct answers. Once he is full, he may need some help getting back to his house! Have fun!

Content: States and capitals
Players: 6
Capital Penguin is a geography game that provides practice in learning states and their capital cities. The target capital appears under the penguin. The student must jump to the matching state, in the form of an iceberg, that floats toward the penguin.

Winston is on the case to find the missing turtle shell! In order to interview the suspects, you will have to get your division facts correct! Can you solve the Case of the Missing Turtle Shell?

Tessie the two-headed teacher is helping Murb's library by having a fundraiser at the school. Come help Fuzby, Ferris, Arabella, and Flibber Jibber as they wash cars to help raise money for the Murb Library. Take a peek in the cars to see if you can catch a glimpse of some other monsters helping with the MONSTER CAR WASH!

Ready to become an archeologist? Get your addition problems correct to dig up all the bones. Then, you can construct your own dinosaur! Can you dig it?

Try to fly through all five levels while avoiding the parachutes with the wrong answers. Collect smiley faces for bonus points and avoid other objects.

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