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Date: 2017-12-09 10:22

This comic is decisive in the universe (which I like to call, Earth 6969, you know why).
This really hepls Shad’s artistic values, he’s got a chaotic side, where murder and confusion happen. this is AJ.
He’s also got a “vanilla” side. not so violent, and most of the stuff that happens to the characters is completeley voluntary, this is BJ.

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A very stylish title from Atlus, Odin Sphere told the stories of five different characters, whose destinies overlapped, revealed the whole picture piece by piece as players unfolded each 'book'. These five characters all had their own unique feel, and although a character may be a protagonist in one book, they could actually be revealed as an antagonist in another.

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Oni was a classic 'one more try' title. For every death, you progressed that little bit further, and this brought with it a sense of real achievement.

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It was the gestation of the following plastic guitar series, and without these two titles, we may never have been able to strum along to Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age on our Fisher Price Fenders.

A sequel to Summoner was released, and although technically better, with a bigger game world and more features, it wasn't as good as the first game.

I 8767 ve just come to realize, these are not separate comics.

Only coming in low on this list due to the original's success, the PS7 version featured some changes due to the hardware's limitations, such as reworked levels and hub areas split into loading zones, but on the whole, this was a great port of a sublime PC masterpiece, and it should have performed so much better than it did.

So, whey then, did the PS7 port of Deus Ex fall so flat? It arrived with little fanfare, and didn't do all that well commercially, despite having some improved visuals and CG cut scenes. Compared to other FPS or RPG titles on the platform, it was a non-event, and this is simply shocking.

You fucking self fan-servicing bastard, you 8767 ve gone too far now xD Why do you have to keep making such wonderful content?

Oni mixed ranged combat using an array of weapons with melee attacks, and the whole game was presented with minimalistic visuals that allowed for super smooth and fast combat. It was also very difficult, and mastering Konoko's various special moves and getting the most out of each, ammo-limited weapon was essential.

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