Irregular Past Tense Verbs 1 - Bradley's Matching Pairs

Date: 2018-01-02 06:11

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Activision R&D Looked at Matchmaking to Sell In-Game Items

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Think Bank - Halloween Pairs Game

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Spider Match Integers

You will be shown 76 random countries each round of game play. Your job is to place each nation in the correct location, as quickly as you can.

Use your mouse to drag each country map to the correct location on Europe. Try to remember the location of each country. The more you practice, the easier it will become to remember where each nation is located.

Parent's And Teacher's Note:
The object of this game is to help students remember the locations of each country in Europe. Repetition is key. The more often students play this game, the easier it will be for them to accurately recall where the countries are located. This is a great way to make learning the geography of Europe fun.

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The goal of Buddha Mahjong is to remove all 66 tiles from the board by pairing identical tiles. Match pairs of images at the ends of the left and right rows to remove tiles from the board. Click on each tile in the pair to remove them. The game is finished when either the layout is empty or there are no exposed pairs remaining.

Note: This game requires Adobe Flash Player. If game does not load, try installing the newest Flash Player. This game takes a few seconds to load.

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