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Date: 2018-01-01 11:04

Take to land, sea & air as you race through dynamically changing courses. Discover alternate routes, find new power-ups and avoid emerging hazards as you race to victory every track feels different.  

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(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http:// and selecting “See Game Manual. Join Sonic and friends in a frantic battle race to the chequered flag. Select from your favourite Sonic and SEGA characters such as Dr. Eggman, Tails, AiAi, Amigo and many more each in their custom built vehicles and personalised All-Star move to get back into the race! Winning is only part of the fun in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!

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Navigate racetracks in our collection with ease! Peel out from the start, skid around turns, and speed through straightaways. Many of our racing games put you in the driver s seat, so you can look right through the dashboard! Enjoy realistic cockpit graphics, panoramic views, and responsive controls. Use mirrors to get a better angle, and hurry to the finish! Drift behind your opponents, catch a tailwind, and glide to the front of the pack. Finish in first place in a dirt race, on water, or through the sky!

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Pick your favourite character and be part of this race against Sonic 8767 s enemies. Get coins for a higher score and hit the finish line first.
Controls: Use arrow keys to race.

A brand new World Tour has been designed for gaming on the go, plus Daily and Weekly Challenges test your racing prowess. 

Enjoy simple controls and addictive gameplay in our Sonic games! Authentic games feature 8-button control schemes, just like on the original console. For even easier action, try a one-button challenge! Advanced gamers will love the in-depth stories and action of our Sonic RPG adventures. Learn about familiar and new characters as the storyline unfolds. Play with Sonic the Hedgehog like never before!

Ride in all types of different vehicles in our racing games! Take the traditional route, and drive a sports car on a racetrack. Or, weave through traffic on a busy city course! You can hit the streets with your friends, or compete with other racers online. For a slower challenge, pedal your way through a bicycle racing game. Race in tons of different environments! After conquering courses on land, take a boat into the water! Learn how to master any mode of transportation, and always go for the gold!

Race as 65 legendary racers at launch each with their own unique transformable vehicle. Plus many more All-Stars coming soon! 

Comprehensive Facebook integration – see your friends’ profile pics on the track and take them down. 

Buy Xbox content on . Your Xbox 865 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox Live.

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