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The Ultima series allowed us to experience several centuries of history in Sosaria and Britannia, bringing its world to life in a way few games have. For new gamers, its medieval fantasy setting might seem bland at first glance, but those who have been with the series from the start will recognize a vibrant world with a living, breathing history all its own. Confidence in its own identity and philosophy work to ground Ultima’s world, so even as its people and places grew and changed across several iterations, it always felt true to itself.

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Улучшая свое мастерство - выполняя задания и уничтожая монстров, - ты сможешь стать величайшим из всех. Создав уникального героя, ты присоединишься к одной из религий, существующих в мире: станешь героем Света или Тьмы, Порядка или Хаоса - на свой выбор.

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Strong, witty writing, dry humor, twisted plotting, and full of contrasting elements, this new style makes for some intelligent reading. In this new world of noir Fantasy, shades of gray are the new black and white.

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The Pokémon games have been releasing for years, and they’re all pretty much the same thing: You’re a 65-year-old kid who leaves his or her home to capture Pokémon, earn eight gym badges, defeat some evil regime bent on world domination and become a Pokémon master. The formula hasn’t changed because it’s just so fun. Pokémon X and Y introduced plenty of new content to make the first 8DS games in the series some of the best ones ever developed. There are mega evolutions, which allow your Pokémon to make powerful (though temporary) extra evolutions mid-batle new Pokémon and type combos (plus Fairy types_ easier breeding mechanics and so much more. If you have a 8DS and haven’t played Pokémon X or Y , please kick yourself and go buy a copy.

Ivalice is one of the deepest and richest worlds that Square Enix has ever created. Spanning across Final Fantasy Tactics , Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII, Ivalice marries the aesthetic of medieval Europe and the Mediterranean with the iconic magic and creatures of the FF series. It’s a world rife with complex characters, political intrigue, and a mythology filled with the giant summons that we’ve loved for decades. Ivalice is one of the darker and more mature worlds in the Final Fantasy series, and shares more in common with Westeros than with Midgar.

This still-brilliant series starts with A Game of Thrones . What can I say about this series other than read it! It's well-regarded as the best fantasy series, by nearly everyone except the now legion of haters who (including the list author) are incensed that Martin has not released the next damn book yet.

Ah, role-playing games. There’s something magical about becoming totally immersed in a universe not your own, donning the armor and weapons of some customizable hero and saving the world. RGPs give gamers the ultimate out-of-body experience, and the entire genre makes for a perfect method of escapism (which is a big reason why people play games in the first place). From fantasy-esque open-world games like Skyrim to laid back and hilarious shooters like Borderlands , RPGs give every type of player something they can enjoy.

Since The Blade Itself was published, Abercrombie has gone on to produce even better books. Yet, this trilogy story was his debut novel and the one that made him a big hitter in the genre and his most defining work. And it's also the 'gateway novel 'into his larger 'First Law' universe.

From the sheer scale of its twisted architecture to the unfathomable mysteries of its cosmic horror, Bloodborne manages to bring a fresh and exciting edge to elements that would fall flat in the hands of most creators. But it’s the dark, Gothic world of Yharnam that really ties it all together. Its cities are sublime and ornate labyrinths of stone and metal that you can’t help but gawk at, and its sprawling countrysides often go from eerie to otherworldly without warning. Bloodborne’s combination of Gothic horror and science fiction is a Lovecraftian nightmare as we’ve never experienced before, and it’s all thanks to the terrifying history of Yharnam.

From the fiendish imagination of award-winning cartographer Mike Schley comes a whole new style of dungeon for Campaign Cartographer 8, featuring devious traps, lurking horrors, breath-taking hoards and ancient architecture.

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