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They have the most working days but they don 8767 t produce anything and swear the rest europeans who work!! By my side, I realise even at their jobs, they keep on trying not to lose their welfare & well-being!! This 8776 well-being 8776 purpose had been one of all those many many 8776 genetic defects 8776 that led them to destruction!!

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 This is an amazing research and a fabulous list of english words with sanskrit origin.  I was surprised to see so many common english words having roots in the ancient sanskrit language of India. We really take so many things in life for so granted. Keep up the good work.

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Its a good artcle.. These days everyday we are talking about relation between sanskrit/indian languages and english/german

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..pranaam! Sir! Your list is excellent. I 8767 m also working on a list showing the phonetic slide from Sanskrit into English. Anyone doing the slightest amount of research in this field will quickly discover his/her own mother tongue, his/her own 8766 lap 8767 Bharat varsha) , his/her own soul, divine atma, and his/her own place of rest, Goloka Vrindavana! Jai Sri Radhe!

ANEF comes from sanskrit 8775 An 8776 which is used to negate anything in Sanskrit. Like 8775 Anta 8776 (which has end) = 8775 Ananta 8776 (which has no end), Apekshita (desirable) = Anapekshita (not desirable),

classic sanskrit is a new indo european language but vedic sanskrit is of unknown antiquity, some people argue that may be the vedic sanskrit of rigveda may have the oldest word of mankind recorded even in rigveda there is a clear development of vedic sanskrit. how can you claim that the oldest form of sanskrit . vedic sanskrit is relatively new link me your resource from where you read all this shit that the vedic sanskrit is relatively new(if you didnt imagine them.)

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8766 A 8767 is the mos natural and perfect letter in the entire alphabet. thats why the nomenclature of sanskrit words so made with highest 8766 A 8767 Sound.
animals too produce sound which so connected with 8766 A 8767

it must be europeans dialect.
because of the liguistic dialect of europeans the new languages are derived from sanskrit.

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