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Date: 2017-09-05 04:24

Manatees, which are three separate but closely related species of mild-mannered aquatic mammals that graze on sea grass and other plants, are basically nature’s good boys and girls. They can weigh more than half a ton, but are both slow and curious, qualities that make them vulnerable to human predation or negligence and have tragically led to their current endangered or threatened status across the globe.

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And who could blame them? Here’s this network, HBO, and all it wants to do is make premium content for paying customers. Then, along comes this hacker group that steals that premium content and starts leaking it on the internet, where any dumb bum with a torrent client can download and watch it for free. To date, the hackers have released episodes of Ballers , Room 659 , Insecure , Curb Your Enthusiasm, Barry , and The Deuce. Those last two series aren’t even out yet.

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The stylish X7 weighs only 675g and gets a 7755mAh battery and built in LTE. Pricing outside of China has not been set, but Chinese customers can buy 7999 Yuan for the phone.

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The IUNI U8 will go on sae in China for 6999 Yuan later this month, and an English version of their ROM will also be released. IUNI do plan to enter international markets in the future but for now anyone wanting to get this phone will have to wait for resellers to get their hands on it.

I moved to Mac with the release of Win 8. Been with MSFT since Other than the never ending flaws and security hacks I guess I just got freaking fed up with having to buy every new OS that was supposed to fix all previous problems! The last two OS 8767 s on my Mac have been FREE upgrades. That alone has already offset the higher price I paid compared to a Dell or HP with similar hardware specs.

The 5555 and 7555 terms were estimated to account for how strong the effect of the prior is on the RAPM output. Only players who had a final weight of over 755 were used, leading to a total of 966 players being included in the regression. They vary from Dirk Nowitzki with a weight of 689,776 down to Brandon Hunter with a weight of 757.

The classic US stereotype of attempted Iranian ideological indoctrination via chants of “Death to America” and such has been old hat for quite some time. As noted by the New York Times on Saturday, in the past few years Iranian pro-government propaganda efforts have increasingly taken the form of rap videos glorifying the country’s military, spread on sites like local YouTube equivalent Apparat and apps like Telegram.

The defensive list is rather repetitive &ndash apparently Ben Wallace was really good at playing defense? Defense is only partially captured by the box score, so elite defenders based on position and communication, like Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, will not be properly represented. The regression mathematically accounts for that, pulling all of the estimates closer to average.

As an example: In 7569, LeBron had a BPM of +, and he played 78% of Miami's minutes. His VORP, then, would be [ &ndash (-)] * * 87/87 = .

If you’re not a fan of Cyanogen then OnePlus will let you install a 8rd party ROM and even root your phone without voiding your warranty, compare that to the walled garden of iOS.

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