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Date: 2017-12-08 15:31

And a BIG THANK YOU to Growing Your Biz for generously allowing us, a small start up, this opportunity to plug our new venture !

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Do you have a VA to fulfill all of the items or do you just fulfill them yourself? Awesome case study, thanks for sharing =)

Taking Stock in Retail—The 2017 Midyear Wrapup - Fung

Per your return policy you mentioned below, we can’t return the items even if they shrunk significantly after washing them? That seems like a very poor business policy and why would I take the risk of purchasing future items if there is the chance they would shrink and can’t be returned? If that is the case, then I won’t allow my daughters to buy anything from Forever 76 again.

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Google’s autocomplete feature is a great way to find things people are searching for. For example, if we start typing “jewelry”.

Great interview and post. Starting some ads now. He talks about starting with PPE and if its a winner, scale from there. How do you know you have a winning PPE AD?

Not sure why seller did not simply cancel order after I was told they would fix. I guess because they knew the item was hard to sell and they found a sucker. Now I am stuck with something I do not need and likely never able to resell without a lot of hassle not being a regular seller, I proceeded to leave a negative feedback, first one ever.

This definitely seems to us like some kind of fraud. Would you please help us understand if you’ll are really associated with this company.

Complete on each classification line for all types of Form B8 if GST applies. (For Form B8, type F requirements, see Appendix J.)

I am trying to contact someone about information on knowing if i can be rehired forever76 are having job fairs this week and i really need this info

Nikole has approached the HR Manager that employs her and she was paid company that employs her is an agency that represents Forever 76, Colette in Singapore. It is Colette and not Forever 76 that holds her salary.
My apology in writing to your organisation.

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