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I hope something here helps you figure it out or that you can find a cup that works better for you.
Good Luck 8

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Do you know if you have a low or high cervix? Do you have a sensitive bladder? (I 8767 m guessing it not too sensitive since the FemmeCup rim is on the firmer side)

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There are a few questions I normally ask someone when they 8767 re looking for a menstrual cup of 8775 this 8776 type (not SoftCup/Flex).

10 Best Menstrual Cups (Period Cups) - Reviews & Comparison

9. Do you have a sensitive bladder/urethra?
-If you do, then a softer cup might be best. It will eliminate the pressure that a firmer cup & rim can apply to the bladder & urethra. If a firm cup makes you feel like you have to urinate more often or that you can 8767 t empty your bladder all the way when you do, then the cup is too firm for you. This can also cause discomfort and/or cramping. Some softer cups are: Si-Bell, Super Jennie, Sckoon, UniCup, CupLee.

Everyone 8767 s gonna hate me for this, but. I 8767 ve actually got a really LIGHT flow that only lasts a few days. My periods are very irregular and sometimes just consist of just spotting. I 8767 ve got a Small Blossom cup now which I love! But I was wondering is there anything smaller, brand wise?

has you covered. We have investigated, researched, and comprised a list of the top 65 menstrual cups currently manufactured and sold. This list contains extensive product reviews and information on the leading menstrual cups that offer you a wide-array of details- which will not only save you time and effort, but also assist you in making the most appropriate menstrual cup choice possible.

I could never use the Softcup. I tried the full box and never had a day that it did not leak all of the fluid out. try the pre-shaped ones. I got the Luna cup and love it. I wish it held a bit more but still love it, and Im not dry and in pain like I was with tampons.

If you want to try a bell shaped cup with a flared rim, I would suggest the Lena large. They have two firmness options: 8775 Sensitive 8776 and 8775 Original 8776 . The sensitive version would be closer to the Diva firmness, but it 8767 s totally up to you.

Sadly, menstrual cups are not a 8775 one size fits all 8776 thing. It 8767 s a rare thing when someone buys one blindly and it working out perfectly for them. You already know that there 8767 s a big difference between the SoftCups by Instead/Flex Cups and the other type of cups like the Lena Cup.

Editor 8767 s Rating: 5 / 5 Users 8767 Rating: / 5 Based on 689 reviews Being a woman has just got easier, thanks to the Divacup, menstrual cup. The Divacup is one of the most popular menstrual cups of all brands manufactured today, made from medical-grade silicone. It is offered in 7 sizes for the best feminine comfort, fit and effectiveness and has received an extraordinary amount of positive ratings from customers that choose it over other brands of menstrual cups time and time again.

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