Update: Twin-Turbo V8 in the new Raptor: The F-150 Raptor

Date: 2017-10-12 23:14

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If you just stick a turbo on a gas engine, yes you 8767 ll have more issues. But, if you design and test for x durability target, you can meet it, provided you are willing to upgrade or redesign whatever gets cooked/blown up/worn out during testing.

So we will find out in time if these turbos are going to chew up gasoline motors or not. I for one don 8767 t want to spend 55K on a truck just to be a guinea pig and come to find out later that my engine won 8767 t last nearly as long thanks to the turbo.

I don 8767 t doubt that today 8767 s turbos are better then in the old ones, but the laws of physics haven 8767 t changed and the fact is turbos run hot. This excess heat has to be dealt with somehow. We shall see if they have perfected it. Personally I don 8767 t want to spend $55k on a truck to be a guinea pig. I bought the Jeep instead.

Trucks are just too slow for me to get into 65-75g 8767 s for a vehicle. It is about time we something like this. Trucks 75 years ago were faster than what we have now. I would rather see a fast Ranger sized truck which would be a lot more fun but if they EB the in the raptor, I will be all in. I wouldn 8767 t touch the V6 model just based on the sound alone. I want to hear a V8 if I am to drop that kind of coin. Way to go Ford but we are long overdue for this. This motor will give the diesels a good run in other models as well. Be interesting to see the kind of torque numbers and torque curve that the EB will pull off with huge HP gains over the diesel motors.

Delete this article dockyards, stop deleting comments that tell the truth. You 8767 re fucking stupid and have no info. Go fuck yourselves

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