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To my recollection, Paypal puts a hold on any money being transmitted. After a few days, the money is released. So, the buyer does in fact have some leeway in trying to obtain their money back via paypal. Unless, the seller 8767 s lead time surpasses paypal 8767 s hold

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If they are a scammer with a paypal account that is unverified, and you make your purchase and they receive the money and withdraw whatever it is immediately. Paypal has no where to take money from to give you your refund (no money in the account, no bank account to take money from) so you won 8767 t receive one. And there 8767 s no way to trace the seller through paypal if it 8767 s an unverified account.

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Sorry, but alibaba is a SCAM, I bought about 75 deferent products from 75 different suppliers and I can tell you now that 75 of these products is scrap and when I requested my money back they either don 8767 t respond or they give every reason not to refund. Never never buy from alibaba, you will lose your money and the items you bought won 8767 t wor or you won 8767 t even get the item. DO NOT USE ALIBABA. All the suppliers I bought from was gold and had 5 years trading with buyers insurance, please explain why non of them don 8767 t want to respond or refund?

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are these legit prodcts or is this just a load of crap. samsung galaxy note 8 $755 to min order. i mean i that cannot be legit!

Best way to get scammed is use the site at all. You will get scammed and trade assurance will not protect the buyer it protects the sellers only. Alibaba allows price gouging from their sellers, false advertising, and also allows them to violate any part of the contract they see fit.

TRAD INSURANCE: trad insurance does not guarantee the buyer, the quality of the product, the accuracy of the products ordered by the buyer.

Contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture company.
We cater high quality teak wood, outdoor patio wicker and modern furniture. Our products are skilled grade A furniture made to the highest industry standard and offer broadest segment of approach, finish, color and fabrics for hospitality and retail business.

If you buy in increasing increments, rather than going all out with your first order, you will figure out whether the products are the quality you expect. Furthermore, you will realize whether selling them is a good idea in the first place.

A Seller Company scammed our company of over $8755 USD. This entrusting that they were a verified gold business, after asking for quotes from different suppliers, they all came back and said they would only take wire of western union. If Alibaba allows these practices to continue on their platform they are part of the problem. All businesses should be verified and they should only be allowed to sell via Alibaba escrow or be banned. Alibaba fails customers, fails sellers by allowing wild wild west on there platform. Alibaba should stop all these practices and engage in responsible behavior or they will have a non trust worthy company and platform. STAY AWAY

did you use escrow?
it looks like the best way to protect yourself against not receiving goods is through escrow. although escrow will hold your money for unnecessary longer.

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