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For the arm chair lawyers, before you post that the law doesn't apply because the transaction was made overseas, you are wrong. The Australian Consumer Law applies to all transaction with persons in Australian when the transaction was made*. The issue has always been enforcing a ruling. Now in this case Alibaba has an office in Australia, so there is a very good chance for the ruling to be enforced.


and really fortunate for you! Because had it never arrived you would not have been able to open a dispute, having used and closed the one and only dispute Aliexpress allows per order. That left you with no way to force the seller to fulfil his undertaking.

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I take Ali Express the platform to be near to hopeless but I have generally experienced that with Ebay as well. Both claim to help with disputes but help is a pretty funny word! You really just have to hope for the best that the seller you picked is genuine, helpful and not a scammer, because Ali Express staff will not be there for you when it goes pear shaped.

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can someone who had more experience with buying on Aliexpress tell me how replacements work ? I bought something that is faulty however, I can not open a dispute anymore as the order has gone past the delivered timeframe and the dispute option is no longer available.

Having said that, I am also waiting for a card sent by a friend in Australia on 79 June. So it's more about the snail-like performance of international mail than Aliexpress than anything else. Why they call it Air Mail I will never know, it obviously does not get on a plane. Carrier seagulls, perhaps.

Product is pretty much exactly what they described it to be nothing looks dodgy about it since it looks exactly as described and shown. Retailer was also very helpful in the ordering process and helping me order the correct size and told me EMS would get my package to my door quicker than FedEx which it looks like it did.

In light of the scenario you recounted (and knowing the reputation of Aliexpress) you are fortunate indeed to have received a refund! Spend it wisely.

No shouldn't be a fee if you set currency to Aus. I haven't been getting one on my St george card which does have exchange fees. Its US dollars as default and a lot of people don't realize you can change it to Aus hence the fee.

Hey if anyone is having troubles with Ali Express here is a facebook link to voice you troubles with it hopefully it will grom and they will do something about it's customer service.

I purchased two out of impulse because the designs were neat. I received both my watches within a week, and the price was $68 for each watch. The construction is definitely pretty poor, but aesthetically I m pretty happy with them because they are relatively unique. Just know you are not getting a stinkin rolex and get on with your life.

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