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There used to be a very active forum on the Aliexpress site, but they closed it down because the wailing of shoppers who had been burnt by Aliexpress and its 95,555 shysters was driving new shoppers away. Duh!

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It's especially good for Mac parts &ndash $555 locally or $755 from Aliexpress for an iMac PSU. $755 for a Macbook Pro screen locally or $855 from Aliexpress. All genuine parts, just know what you are looking at and if it sounds too good to be true, move on.

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I paid using Auspost Load & Go visa card, it's my first time using Load & Go. As I was going through the payment procedure in Aliexpress, I got prompted by Verify by Visa and it asked for my DOB, pin code, and memorable word. I filled it out with the details I gave to the clerk in Auspost Shop when he was setting up my card, but it didn't work, I ended up proceeding with payment without Verify by Visa.

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the problem happens when you cancel the order. you will lose money when you get your refund because your payment has gone from AUD- USD and USD- AUD (you pay in AUD and aliexpress pays you back in USD, rather than the credit card transaction being cancelled)

Golly gee whiz, US made products cost a bunch more than stuff made in China. I don 8767 t see why cover up the fact things aren 8767 t made American by $65 hour employees. Folks don 8767 t want to pay me for labor, either, when I hand craft. What I am seeing from your experience is that you have found the customers who are willing wait a few weeks, the? Or is there a problem?
Thanks for all your input.

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Hi Jeremy, Great review about Shopify. I am starting an ecomm site to sell costume jewelry. I currently have a wholesale business selling to most US department stores. While this is a high volume business at the wholesale level, I 8767 m not really sure what to expect volume wise with an ecomm site selling directly to the consumer. I can envision (and hope) that this business could be fairly significant. I am not experienced with building ecomm sites at all, but am not afraid of technology. In your opinion, is Shopify the best platform to start this ecomm business with, or am I better off just hiring someone to build my website from scratch? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Safer than Aliexpress, simply because they accept PayPal, are the Chinese sites: tmart, banggood, aurabuye, dhgate, and , plus many more I'm sure.

What happens to uploaded photos after the 69 day trial period is over. I 8767 m taking over the project, and deciding the best Theme, but I 8767 m at the end of the trial period and don 8767 t want to have to upload all the photos again that my predecessor uploaded.

Payment is also released when a seller tricks a buyer into withdrawing a dispute, when a buyer cuts his losses because cost of returning the faulty product as demanded by express courier far exceeds the product's worth, when a buyer returns the faulty purchase but the seller pretends to have never received it, and also when Aliexpress "resolves" a dispute in its customary manner (in favour of their seller)!

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