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Another way to better understand the differences between East and West is to examine the key players in each market: Alibaba and Amazon. On the surface, they seem very much alike. Both offer online marketplaces, each holds a leading market share, and each is continually expanding into new ventures. Although both companies are enormously successful, their business models are quite different.

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Find products to sell and dropship online with Shopify apps

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Today, retailers in China and the West face the same challenge: how to achieve ongoing, profitable growth. Many of the costly big-box stores and shopping malls are losing customers and profits to online sales. In China, many homegrown brands have existed only online. To achieve growth, they must expand offline—especially in urban areas.

I 8767 m not a fan of Facebook at least not in my area. There are too many rules and expectations imposed by the moderator that in my view are a hindrance to the sales process. I imagine this could be better in other communities.

The pace of e-commerce doesn’t seem to be slowing: The industry is expected to grow by 75 percent annually in China over the next five years—twice as fast as in the . and the UK. This growth will be driven not only by increased individual spending but also by an expected influx of hundreds of millions of new consumers, many from smaller cities and rural areas, who have yet to go online.

Hello Thomas. I have been in shopify platform for three months. I have not sold one item. I am thinking about shutting down. this is my store: http://
Do you have any suggestions for me?

Mosts of these are new to me. Great list! I will have to give them a try. I lovvve Etsy. I 8767 ve bought things from there but never thought about selling.

You can download some apps to help sell your stuff which are more specific to your physical location, like Gumtree (United Kingdom), AliExpress (Alibaba/Hong Kong), and MercadoLibre (Latin America), and OLX, to name a few. Should you find yourself needing to sell your stuff in any of these locations or elsewhere, keep in mind that there may be some locally popular apps to help sell your stuff.

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