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Date: 2017-10-13 03:35

Most record stores only have a small corner devoted to classical music, which means that you will often be frustrated if you're looking for a particular piece or recording. However, there are currently two major online retailers of classical CDs: ArkivMusic and . Between them you will always be able to find the music you're looking for at a reasonable price.

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If you sold a CD with a list price of $ through a CreateSpace eStore, you would earn a royalty of $. The calculation is as follows:

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You've produced great music and designed your own artwork make it into a retail-ready CD. With full-color inserts and tray cards, high-grade jewel cases, and beautifully printed disc faces, our CDs do your work justice.

Most classical works have dozens or hundreds of recordings your choice of CD will be influenced by a variety of factors, including price, quality of the performance, and what other works are on the CD. We attempt to demystify the classical CD-buying process, sending you well on your way to building your own collection.

Buying classical music recordings is more complicated than buying popular music. Here are some pointers on where to shop and how to choose recordings.

Cover Creator is the hassle-free way to create great-looking artwork. Design all five pieces of your artwork for a consistent, polished finished product: inside and outside booklets, inside and outside tray cards, and your disc face artwork.

Your first impulse may be to buy the cheapest available recording of the work you want. This will be adequate for a little while, but as you gain experience you will realize that the cheap CD isn't very good you will long for something better, and the money you originally spent will be wasted. With shrewd shopping, you can get recordings that offer high quality and low price. Here are some factors to consider:

We print your disc face artwork all the way to the disc hub (or inner hole) in full-color. The disc face is covered by the artwork you upload, with a small barcode added at bottom.

Submission requirements
Your artwork can only be uploaded as a JPEG file in RGB color mode. The resolution of all images must be 855 DPI.

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