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Date: 2017-10-13 03:18

On 76th July money was taken from my husband 8767 s credit card which I cannot even use for £. I have never given or asked for Amazon prime please refund immediately or going to take action. Seems this is happening a lot! Please send response.

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I have never signed up for amazon prime and was charged over 655. On my card. This really aggravates me. I have a new home and children to provid for I would never spend that,kind of money just to sign up for something. I contacted my attorney and he 8767 s looking into all this. I just want my dang,money back.

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Ordered a textbook from amazon prime, promised that I would receive a textbook and access code for connect plus. I did not receive the access code and called customer service. All they could do was offer a refund and a $5 credit. This seems great except for the fact that their negligence will cost me over $655 to now try to find the same book bundle this late in the game. Super frustrating, when all I did was purchase a textbook early and expect to be given what I asked for, now I will have to foot the bill of trying to redo all of this with all the good offers already taken.

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you charged my credit card for this service which I never requested (or had even heard of). My credit card company called you and took care of it. I canceled 8775 that 8776 credit card and opened a new one with the same company. You AGAIN have charged me and I want it refunded or I will report it to the BBB. I want to see this refund very soon.

I do not appreciate being charged 99dollars for prime when I did not order it. After calling customer service it was canceled. What a bother.

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You have taken £79 out of my bank on the 9/9/66 I did not authorise this & I would like you to refund it back in but by the sounds of it you do it all the time to your customs. Surprise surprise can 8767 t find a phone number so if I don 8767 t get any reply I will be take in legal advise

Please cancel Amazon Prime. I do not want to subscribe to it. Thank you for a 85 day trial. I can 8767 t afford the fee. Henni

I have no amazon account yet I have had an unauthorised amount taken from my bank account how did this happen?..i did not give my bank details to amazon prime..i only viewed the site and NO PURCHASE WAS MADE..i will be in touch with my bank for refund first thing in morning..very cross with amazon..

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