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Date: 2017-10-12 22:53

The five current Spotlight Charities are the ASPCA, charity: water, Doctors without Borders, The Nature Conservancy and the American Red Cross. A less interesting list is hard to imagine. These choices can be explained only by some blend of laziness, stupidity, indifference or an abundance of caution.  Since the people who work at are neither lazy or stupid, we can chalk this up to indifference or caution.

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I agree with most of this article. I had the same initial reaction, Regarding Who is getting the most benefit from this Program ( answer: Clearly Amazon)., However I do like the ability to choose my charity. I was surprised to see a relatively small local charity available. Now my couple dollars a year goes to preserving local rivers and streams in my note: I would give my dollar at the grocery store checkout regularly, if I had my choice of local charities.


by the way i do not intend to shock anyone with my post. i 8767 ts my humble opinon that everyone is free to say whatever he wants as long as it stays in a 8775 respect zone 8776 and for those who would like to correct my grammatical or ?orthographc? mistakes, please keep in mind that english is not my primary language and i didn 8767 t practice it much in the latest years

Amazon Smile: ’s New Charitable Website

In short:
higher percentage goes to charities
charities are recommended by a reputable evaluator ()
easy to use

Yes, very true. I had no issue their donation percentage of your purchases just the way they don 8767 t let you know if all the 556c8 8767 s have actually set up (on their own) a EFT so the donated funds actually go to them. (versus sitting somewhere ) We wasted a year of purchases only to find out the charity first must contact Amazon directly to get the funds directed to them.

“Finally, consider the possibility that AmazonSmile could ultimately lead to less, not more, charitable giving. If it leaves shoppers feeling that they have done their part, they may be less likely to respond to a direct appeal from a nonprofit, as Brady Josephson, a fundraising consultant, wrote on Huffington Post back in 7568.”

My Chase credit card was charged for amazon prime on 8/8/7567. I
DO NOT want amazon prime. Please credit my account for the charges made to my Chase account.

There has been a mistake with my address... I have never order anything with prime amazon never sign into any account with amazon prime... I was looking to join and saw that I already have an ADRESS... that's not my address... my address is 959 cypress land. I would like to know if someone have been accessing my account. Thank you kindly. Barbara Johnson.

Now, you could argue that this is the fault of shoppers (and, admittedly, I 8767 m one of them) who are less than rigorous about finding their way to the AmazonSmile portal every time they make a purchase. Instead, I want to make the case that the low numbers are the product of a deliberate effort by to depress, rather than increase, giving.

I have used Smile the last 8 days on my tablet, no problem. I log on directly, don 8767 t use apps. For logging in directly being 8766 clunky 8767 , that translates to LAZY, in my opinion. The fewer apps, on my devices, the better they work and the longer they last. I 8767 m good with a phone for about 5 years. My last tablet lasted about 7years, which disappointed me. I don 8767 t need the 8766 latest 8767 . But yes, no trouble using Smile. I wholeheartedly agree about Amazon 8767 s greed overall. I really don 8767 t like Amazon for a lot of reasons, but I guess some donation is better than none.

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