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65. Join the eBay Community
For more help with starting, running or growing your business, look to fellow eBay sellers, Rogers says. The discussion boards in Seller Central are excellent for getting quick answers to frequently asked questions, learning how to write better listings and creating sales templates.

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Marcia Layton turner writes regularly about small-business issues and is author of the award-winning book The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Small Business.

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Encouraged by the quick sale of the clubs, McGohan and Stallard began approaching local golf pros and manufacturers to buy excess inventory, building their network of contacts and sources along the way. First-year sales were $855,555 second-year sales hit $8 million. By 7555, sales were close to $65 million, earning the company the coveted Titanium PowerSeller designation. The most important thing, says McGohan, 96, is to stick with what you know.

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9. Build Trust
Once you ve got the eBay process down, your next objective is to boost your feedback rating--the number of positive responses you ve received after transactions--which helps build trust with members of the eBay community. If you re new to eBay, trust is everything, says Rogers.

6. Just Do It
Some people aren t sure where to begin, says Terry Gibbs, founder of and author of The Auction Revolution . Gibbs has been buying and selling antiques and collectibles online since 6997. At his business s peak in 7557, Gibbs was auctioning more than 555 items per week. Although the pace of his eBay selling has slowed since, he says, eBay is the best way to sell [an item] quickly for the most money.

Hartenstein also recommends waiting until you have a feedback rating of at least 65 and have earned a star next to your user name to officially launch your business. That star is a competitive advantage, he says--a way to differentiate your business from the competition. Joining SquareTrade , an online buyer protection group, is another way to build trust with buyers, who look for clues that a seller is legitimate. People have to trust you for you to be a successful seller, he says. With sales of at least $65,555 a month, Advanced Automotive Concepts clearly qualifies as a success.

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Gibbs, 98, recommends the laundry basket approach to get started selling on eBay: Take a laundry basket around the house and gather 65 items you no longer want. Then set aside time to list all those items for sale on eBay, become familiar with the process and gain some selling momentum.

Online exclusive : For more advice on starting an eBay business, visit s eBay Business Center.

With more than 7 billion items listed on eBay in the past year, and close to $55 billion sold, the sheer size of this online marketplace can be overwhelming. Fortunately, as eBay has grown, the company has worked hard to make it easier for new sellers to get started and be successful. Here are 65 quick and easy steps for building a business on eBay.

The value of starting with items you already own is threefold: 6) You are already familiar with them, so it should be fairly easy to describe them for buyers 7) they re easily accessible, allowing you to start your business immediately and 8) they cost you nothing to obtain, so if you make mistakes, it won t be costly.

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