10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Box Color

Date: 2017-09-05 10:35

[ ] had quite a bit of conflicting feedback on product posts and especially on 65 Reasons Why You Shouldn 8767 t Use Box Color.  As a stylist I am trained to educate you on what 8767 s best for your hair.  There are some [ ]

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ABOUT my hair: I 8767 m fortunate, my hair is hard-to-damage. I am half Chinese and have long dark thick hair. Stylists usually thin it out in layers for me a bit when I cut it. It does not hold curl well but is shiny not coarse. It 8767 s too dark to be called brown and isn 8767 t blue black so, it has to be VERY dark brown/natural black. My natural color is pretty close to this (Feria 8767 s box natural black/black leather):

What you used isn 8767 t as harmful as 8775 box 8776 colors. I 8767 m not familiar with each Sally 8767 s brand, but if you just squirted it out of a bottle and did not have to mix it with anything then you have nothing to worry about. If your hair is light, then it may not wash out completely. The most dangerous at-home color products to use are those that chemically alter your hair during the coloring or lightening process. Products that are 8775 deposit-only 8776 will not be as harmful or leave the same long-term effects.

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I 8767 m a little concerned about what color it may fade to, but you can always get in touch with me when the time comes if you need more advice! The reason is because a cool brown won 8767 t fix the first problem it just covers it up for the time being. The tones on your hair may fade to an odd neutral shade, but I cannot say for sure because I don 8767 t know anything about your natural hair or what it looked like before the first color. Good luck!

Just out of curiosity, what if someone purchases & mixes colors from Sally 8767 s Beauty. I 8767 ve done it before. I 8767 m a natural blonde, went dark. I purchased one color and the color right above it. Did the darker one first, then waited a week and put the other color in. It came out amazing! So, are those products the salon products we are led to believe?

She pays ungodly amounts of money to a top stylist for her haircolor. Same with Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé two other huge box color endorsers. They are getting paid thousands to endorse at home haircolor for big companies.

It was a Paul Mitchell hair spray with a heat protector. Some Awapuhi ginger keratin infused cream rinse and matching bottle of shampoo (and I used them like I was told and it didn 8767 t help).
I think her thought process was adding 8766 dimension 8767 by highlighting and then demi permanent dye over it it just didn 8767 t go like she imagined.

6. We will analyze your personal situation to guarantee that the integrity of your hair isn 8767 t sacrificed because of an incorrect formula.
7. We will find your hair color category and determine what will look best on you.
8. Application will always be to exact standards and as close to perfection as humanly possible.
9. If the porosity level of your hair is too high we will suggest options so that your hair will not be further damaged.

It 8767 s important to remember that no color really washes out completely. In the salon there is a huge difference between the three types and each option has its own factors for successful application.

It faded so fast last time that I did I ended up using sally brands to just refresh the highlights more so I didn 8767 t have to have weird blond streaks in my hair as the purple faded.

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