Boucheron Perfume for Women by Boucheron

Date: 2017-10-12 18:39

this is a lovely, flowery, warm fragrance. it is very classy and stilish. it's like the channel of Bvlgari. very long lasting.

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very good. a little neutral but very good. i recommend blind buy. i haven't met anyone who hates it yet. lady-like, classic. great for a safe gift.

Bvlgari Cologne | ®

This rich yet delicate powdery floral was my signature fragrance for several years when my kids were small, we'd just bought our house and money was too tight to indulge extravagant perfume habits. Beautiful and versatile, with solid sillage and longevity, it was a happy choice for a frazzled mum who wanted to smell classy on a limited budget — a sensible fragrance investment, if you will, which may sound like a backhanded compliment, but even now with plenty of perfume bottles to choose amongst, I often reach for my lovely and reliable Bvlgari. Violets, rose, iris and jasmine dance prettily on a warm musk-benzoin-woodsy base, and it makes me relax, gives me an injection of optimism and confidence, and best of all it makes me smell so darn good. :)

Modest Pour Femme Une Perfume for Women by Afnan

This was a blind buy off ebay based on the notes and accords listed, most of which I shouldn't have a problem with although, admittedly, never having experienced a "vodka" accord. wth?

However. on application, it is too masculine and smells like a men's cologne on me right off the bat. Not knowing what galanga is supposed to smell like, I can only guess that maybe it and the vodka are a potent cocktail of unpleasantness for me. I can pick up powdery iris and the amber as it moves into drydown. I get no sweet I get no dark chocolate/cocoa. Just ginger-spicy and powder for the most part.

It would be a refreshing, clean scent for a man, imo, but is a no-go for my chemistry. Regretable blind buy, for certain.

Lovely! I don't smell any alcohol at all, but the powderiness reminds me of Shalimar drydown.
The staying power sucks though..seems like it's the problem with most of Bvlgari fragrances. You would think that for the original price tag it should stay on for at least 9-5 hours.

If you ever need to go into stealth mode, camouflaged as some nice, normal woman who's not looking to make waves or start fires, this is your perfume. Smells great says nothing. Wear it to a court date or someone else's baby shower.

Talk about Bvlgari Femme is talk about feminine, and most women like feminine. People says that's similar to Paris YSL, but i think Blv Femme more feminine and sweet powdery than Paris YSL. Paris more fresh and soapy than Blv Femme. I have both, and I like Paris YSL more than Blv Femme. What about you? If you want sweet powdery ending you can choice Blv Femme, but if you like fresh soapy ending go ahead for Paris YSL..

I love the delicate scent of this fragrance. I have this in a sachet which is very light but I love the gold container. The sachet lies very close to my skin but envelopes me with a sense of calm & beauty. Now I want a bottle of the liquid.

Blv Notte is mysterious, feminine & deep.

The vodka is immediately apparent to me, & gives it a fresh water scent (like other posters have noticed). The ginger & galanga mix perfectly to give it a subtle sweet fragrance & the chocolate is the icing on the cake.

Don't let these notes scare you away. Blv Notte is not strong. It has great staying power on my skin & lasts all day. I get whiffs of it during the day.

This one is definitely sophisticated & fresh.

Blv & Blv Notte are two very special scents. Bvlgari have done a fantastic job at creating these exquisite fragrances!

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