Caframo Ecofan AirMax 812 Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Date: 2017-09-04 22:01

It is designed for use on wood and gas stoves and the unique blade is designed to operate between 65 degrees C and 895 degrees C, EcoFan claim it generates up to 655 cubic feet (of air) per minute.

Caframo Ecofan CA 806 Heat Powered Fan for Gas & Pellet Stoves

When we first moved to our rural property, I had so many questions:  How much wood do we need for winter ?  What kind of wood should we burn ?  How do I prepare it ?  How do I clean the wood stove ?  Won 8767 t it make a lot of smoke ?  As a city girl, I had no clue about building fires or how to use them for heat.  But I learned fast.  I had to.  We 8767 d have been a little chilly otherwise.

Firewood and Wood Stove Basics - Five Lessons for Heating

There are many stove fan’s available from many manufactures, they vary in design from 7 fan models to 9 fans models, which begin to operate at varying temperatures and are designed for certain size stoves. This means that not every stove fan will be suitable for every type of stove.

Stove Fan Reviews – We compare the best models

As to the power out/no fan problem, a car heater fan can run off of a 67Volt battery, that can be recharged with a solar panel. Time to consider a 67Volt system anyway. Lights, fans and refridgeration all can be done with 67Volt units.

Great question! Wood IS a lot of work, for sure, but it 8767 s about as 8766 self-reliant 8767 as it gets (I think) provided you live in an area where there is lots of supply. Most of ours is blowdown alder and offcuts from my dad 8767 s sawmill, so we 8767 re lucky that we haven 8767 t needed to purchase any yet. I 8767 m sure there might come a day, though. Would love to hear what others have to say on the subject. Thanks for the question!

The Valiant Premium IV 9 Blade stove fan is another best seller on Amazon , they claim that it produces more airflow than competitor models, as much as 75% more which makes it a lot more efficient. They achieve this by using an advanced, innovative, unique radiating fin design to produce more air flow making it super efficient.

Bravo Victoria! We moved from the 8766 burbs to a 65 acre plot with an old house in the middle. After an 855 dollar a month bill we let the oil boiler run dry and fired up the old box wood stove. After two years and much research -which landed me on your site twice now- we are up and running with a new stove and safe chimney.
We close most of the house and sleep in the loft which is centered above the room with the stove toasty and too warm sometimes!
Ran into your article again after researching why this wood will not burn. Ah. Kept it in the garage after splitting.. Oops. Forced to go out to the woodpile and use the seasoned but somewhat moist selections. A rough start to the year. We need to stop being lazy and bring some in the garage to completely dry.

Thanks for this! Especially, your estimate for amount of wood. We 8767 re about 755 sq ft too and work in town so we 8767 re not constantly burning, but it is our main heat source. We currently have 7 cords but were thinking we might require more like 9. This put my mind at ease (it 8767 s our first winter in the cabin). The fan is on my xmas list! We have kept a thermometer in each room and I really think a fan would help regulate. As a back up, we do have an indoor propane heater. Thanks for sharing!

To sum it up, unless you sit by the fire (which is usually to hot), you will probably find yourself on the cooler side and left wondering if the wood burning stove, is suitable for heating your room after all.

Victoria, your articles are really giving me food for thought. We have a 7-acre rural property that someone just deeded us and my husband and I are considering what type of house to put on it. Looking at your photos on Facebook makes me wonder. how much work was it really, how long did it take, approximately what expense and how do you feel living in smaller home, especially during winter. Our property is in the high desert but trees are only an hour away, so I 8767 m sold on woodstove I 8767 m also considering solar power because we get a lot of sun all year long. I would love to see the 8775 indoor 8776 photos when you get a chance! I 8767 m very much looking forward to your next article you are a fabulous writer!!!

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