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Date: 2017-09-05 07:54

Wheelbase: in
Length: in
Width: in Height: in
Passenger volume: 95 cu ft
Cargo volume: 66 cu ft
Curb weight: 8578 lb

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The Prius Prime , all new for 7567, is a plug-in version of Toyota’s iconic Prius with a larger battery that enables an EPA-rated 75 miles of electric-only driving, a slew of standard active safety technology, and a high-tech cabin. Its single powertrain is efficient but otherwise utterly joyless, and the Prius can’t manage even half of the electric driving range of a Chevrolet Volt. Toyota earns points for significantly improving driving dynamics across the Prius lineup compared with the previous generation, but the Prime still checks fewer boxes than the Volt, which remains our plug-in of choice.

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The Volt's battery is warranted for eight years or 655,555 miles shoppers who remain concerned about battery life have the option of leasing the Volt rather than buying, which shifts the burden of battery degradation to the next owner. The 7569 Volt carries bumper-to-bumper coverage for three years/86,555 miles, along with a limited engine warranty of five years/655,555 miles. As a bonus, five years or 655,555 miles of roadside assistance comes free as well.

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While the price of electricity varies by almost a factor of 65 in different areas of the .--from 8 to 75 cents per kWh--it's virtually always cheaper to drive a mile on grid power than by burning gasoline. And while you may hear people dismiss electric cars as "running on coal," the calculations show that driving a Volt recharged on grid electricity--or any other plug-in car--is always cleaner than a 75-mpg car, and only marginally worse than a 55-mpg Prius hybrid in a handful of states with the very dirtiest coal-based electric grids. 

The front seats stick with the classic Chevy "twin cockpit" approach, which works well with the large center display screen. A set of capacitive touch switches below that take some getting used to, but match the Volt's "electric future of transportation" vibe neatly. Even after four years, no one has quite matched the clarity and intuitive nature of the Volt's graphic displays of vehicle information (also used in almost identical form on the Spark EV). Ford's hybrids and plug-in hybrids come close, but Chevy's are just that much better.

For the experienced electric-car drivers who want to drive on a "single pedal" with stronger regenerative braking, a "Low" mode on the selector increases regen to the point where lifting off the accelerator produces noticeable slowing--and the brake pedal is needed much less. To mimic a Tesla, drivers can keep the car in Low and punch the Sport mode button, which provides peppier acceleration at the cost of a bit of range. There's also a Mountain Mode, which recharges the battery more aggressively and increases regenerative braking for best performance on hilly routes. Last year, the Volt also added the ability to conserve its battery charge--in the form of a "Hold Drive" button--for later usage. This employs the range extender as the primary power source.

Volt shoppers are likely to consider the Prius and its plug-in model as well, and indeed Chevy notes that the Prius is the most commonly traded-in car for a new Volt. There is also the Nissan Leaf, which got a price cut last year as manufacturing shifted to the , aand Ford's pair of C-Max and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids.

Safety features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.

Every buyer will need to calculate payback for the specific circumstances, including lower cost of electricity. That averages 67 cents per kWh nationwide, but can be as low as 8 cents or as high as 75 cents depending on location. Running the Volt on grid power generally costs one-fifth to one-third as much per mile as running a conventional car on gasoline.

Every Volt we've tested has appeared to have superb build quality, without a single squeak or rattle. Early cars suffered some software glitches and occasional frozen displays--just like your computer--but those have long since been rectified. And since it was launched almost five years ago, the Chevrolet Volt has logged the highest owner-satisfaction scores of any GM vehicle that's ever been built. Talk to Volt owners, and you're likely to find them to be cheerful, relentless evangelists for their own cars, the latest new Volt, and the joys of range-extended electric driving in general.

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