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Date: 2017-10-12 22:54

you just needed to re-assign your backup license. I re-formated my HD and was suprised to see the same thing basically they use some microsoft number that changes each time you reinstall windows. but you can just move your license to the new computer.


Gabrielle from My PC backup keeps threatening to delete my files etc that all I have to do is pay €6. Of course it 8767 s to get my card details and then help himself. I 8767 m no fool. I have never signed up for anything so this a scam.

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SCAM SCAM SCAM tried to scare my older father into giving them $ by threatening to delete all his documents. As a result, they charged him $ without warning. And it 8767 s impossible to stop them from taking the money from my father. He had to cancel his credit card to stop it. DO NOT click on the link. DO NOT give them your credit card.

Clickfree C2 Portable Backup Drives. Your Backups on the move.

I have been using this for a year now and never had any problem. The staffs are friendly and mannered they get back to me instantly whenever I require assistance. Definitely upgrading for another year.

On a whim I thought I 8767 d give it a second shot this AM. I 8767 m getting the message 8775 Your MyPCBackup Account has Expired. 8776 Hm ?! So, I guess they cancelled my account but forgot to send me a refund.

6. I had joined the 8775 Unlimited 8776 back up service. If you Google this you will find it just says 8775 Unlimited Storage 8776 . There is no qualification eg an asterisk pointing you to conditions or limitations. If you click on the 8775 Unlimited Storage 8776 link on the main page you get another page which says:

Last worrisome thing is it will not restore to the original path, it restores to a directory you choose and from there you must move the files back where they go. Yet another royal pain!

Unreliable, slow, and a hassle. I haven 8767 t used any of the other services, but I would hope that they work better than this one does.

I too would like to support any action against the company and get my money back. If any damages has been done to my computer as a result, I need complete compensation to recover all my lost informatin and hard-disk.

After paying for 7 years of 8775 unlimited data backup 8776 up front and using it for 9 months (I know, I know don 8767 t pay up front, dummy) they changed my plan so that I could no longer backup my external USB drive (my main HDD is only 65G), and it also limited my backups to files with a size less than 6G (the limit was 5G when I signed up, which allowed me to back up my home movies, and now my new movies are too big to back up).

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