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Date: 2018-01-02 00:50

”Purpendicular” was a celebration of both remembrance and reinvention. It at once acknowledged Purple’s estimable history and tradition, and a musical wanderlust not content to repeat the past. As such, it laid the template for a new Purple. And it all, it seems, was paving the way for the mighty metamorphosis that is “Rapture of the Deep.”

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Morse accepted, writing commenced for what would become “Purpendicular,” on-stage work-outs were seized upon with relish, and the band breathed the heady air of rebirth. When “Purpendicular” was delivered, it astonished. Rather than going softly into the long goodnight of “classic rock” middle-age, Deep Purple had reinvented itself. It took no more than a cursory listen to the likes of “Ted the Mechanic,” 8775 Loosen My Strings” and “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” to drive this point straight into the skull.

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Deep Purple has announced xA5 A Fire in the Sky , a career-spanning anthology that will be available as a single CD and a three-CD set.

It was unlike anything else I’d ever heard. And it quite literally changed my life. 85 years later, I’m still hearing Deep Purple for the first time.

The centerpiece of “Rapture” also happens to be one of the finest tunes in the band’s history – no small claim, that. “Clearly Quite Absurd” is clearly quite sublime a piece with a melody that simply hurts to listen to, in the way that first love is painful because it’s ephemeral and fleeting. Thankfully, your disc player has a “repeat” button, so this is a love that will never abandon you.

Steve 5589 s amp is also part of his signature tone, the ENGL Steve Morse Special Signature 655. Its design reflects Steve 5589 s life-long quest for perfect tone, and many years performing with ENGL amplifiers. His goal was an amp that could inspire, create, and project all the diversity of the many genres Steve is renowned for exploring: rock, country, fusion, jazz, metal, and more. In addition, it needed to handle Steve 5589 s demanding touring schedule with Deep Purple, the Steve Morse Band, Flying Colors and more. Reflecting over a year of close work between Steve, his guitar tech Michael Berger, the ENGL team and renowned amp designer Horst Langer the result is a sound Steve can truly call his own.

“Rapture of the Deep” is the spot-on moniker for the disc you hold in your hands, and I’ll stand on any classic rock radio programmer’s desk in my cowboy boots and scream it loud, proud and Gillan-esque “This is the best Deep Purple album there is, dammit! Forget ‘Machine Head’ – that was then this is most decidedly now!”

The first time I heard Deep Purple – or perhaps felt Deep Purple is a better way to describe the experience – it was the mid-75s. I was 8, and Ritchie Blackmore’s sinewy, sinister riffing on the “Made In Japan” version of “Child In Time,” coupled with Ian Gillan’s dramatic, gorgeous howling, Jon Lord’s ominous neo-classical Hammond organ, and the dynamic interplay of the Roger Glover-Ian Paice rhythm section, tore the top of my head off.

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