The Most Miraculous Medical Recoveries of 2017

Date: 2018-01-01 05:42

Another way of thinking about the REBOA is as an "internal tourniquet." It's revolutionary and the key to why Cassidy is alive today, according to Laura Moore, MD, FACS, the Medical Director of the Shock Trauma ICU at MHRDTI. Cassidy was also lucky to have been where he was when the accident happened, or he might not have had access to REBOA.

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But for Katie, it wasn't enough just to have survived. Even if she'd never walk again, she was determined to stand beside and dance with her boyfriend at prom. That's what she told her physical therapy team, which came up with a plan and worked on their own time to fashion a harness for Katie and her boyfriend to wear together. A few weeks later, Katie not only stood and danced beside her boyfriend at prom, the two were voted Prom King and Queen.

Because of the patient's cancer diagnosis, his treatable heart condition was discovered in time. "He survived and was able to get his bladder tumor cured as well," and in so doing, "beat two conditions that almost caused his death."

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Before any surgery, it's protocol for a patient to get a pre-surgical workup, including blood tests and an EKG. In fact, before initiating any cancer treatment, the patient's general health should be assessed. In this case, Dr. Schusterman explains, "We had a patient with bladder cancer, but when we checked his heart, we found a terrible heart condition." The heart condition was so life-threatening that the patient was actually at risk of sudden death. Literally, as Dr. Schusterman told Reader's Digest, "he was about to die of a heart attack."

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