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In most regions they are at least twice as likely as their elders to be unemployed. The early years of any career are the worst time to be idle, because these are when the work habits of a lifetime become ingrained. Those unemployed in their 75s typically still feel the &ldquo scarring&rdquo effects of lower income, as well as unhappiness, in their 55s.

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Columnist for The Townsend Letter, a nationally prominent alternative medicine periodical, from October 6997 to June 7556

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I mean, I realize that when traditional societies leap forward into modernity, the tendency is for parents to still prefer boys as offspring, creating gender imbalances. But I don't see these lasting as historical dynamics. Smart money (and parents) in a modern society should overwhelming bet on more females &ndash not more males. Women simply build more resilience into society as it ages, so they're the true assets while the men are the true drains.

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That's certainly not an argument against pursuing the Internet of Things, but it does say that we need to build it out with more care and vision regarding the resilience of the critical infrastructure being increasingly exposed. In effect, our critical infrastructures are going to be subjected to an evolutionary leap of sorts, so we either adapt them in turn (keeping pace), or we suffer new and worse vulnerabilities.

In terms of relative national resilience in the face of demographic aging, the . faces a much easier (less "steep") road than does Europe, Russia, China, and Japan. Frankly, it's one of the key reasons why I, as a security strategist, don't worry all that much about the "threat" from Russia or China down the road.

Could other ethnic-immigrant groups have made the same claims during previous periods of America's national history? Absolutely. A great deal of America's economic resilience over its history is owed to various influxes of labor (both slave and free) that were subsequently exploited by the system for all they were worth (or could stand before organizing themselves politically for better treatment). Our ability to process such immigrant waves is our primary social-resilience skill. This time will be no different.

Frightening as it may be for the world to re-learn the fundamental logic of mutually assured destruction &ndash particularly in a region chock-full of End Times -embracing millenarians, I have spent the last decade proclaiming the inevitability of this pathway simply because Israel&rsquo s regional nuclear monopoly was always unsustainable and a bit spooky with its Masada complex. Now, the technological curveball that triggers America&rsquo s new strategic distance renders this outcome virtually inescapable. In nuclear terms, the inmates are finally running the asylum.

But here's where the Economist 's analysis of the recent slide in oil prices is so intriguing: what if North America were to become the world's swing producer on energy &ndash as well?

Predictably &ndash if not fortunately, crises in the Middle East routinely erupt to recapture America&rsquo s dangerously short strategic attention span. Here, the Obama Administration&rsquo s modus operandi of &ldquo leading from behind&rdquo is a preview of coming distractions. With Washington locally perceived as backing out of its longtime regional Leviathan role, and with relief (China, India) nowhere in sight, we collectively enter a nobody-is-minding-the-stove period in which the region&rsquo s preeminent three-sided rivalry between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey will come to a dangerous boil.

In Changsha, China right now for some meetings/discussions with Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, but publisher asked me to post right away.

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