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Date: 2017-10-12 20:37

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Also we were charged for quarter round that wasn't used but I can't prove without the statement that wasn't sent to us and the threshold pieces that were used was leftover pieces from another job. There is no way I would recommend this company to anyone, not even someone I don't like, because I don't dislike ANYONE enough to put them through the hell we have been through.


The addition of the Punisher to the mix doesn't hurt, either. Spencer finally follows up on that reveal from several issues ago as he puts Frank Castle in direct conflict with Natasha Romanov. Their violent battle is a lot of fun to see unfold, but Spencer also succeeds in fleshing out Frank's role in this war and justifying his decision to side with Hydra. It's actually a little funny to note how often the Punisher unexpectedly becomes a standout player in Marvel's annual crossover events (Civil War, Original Sin and now Secret Empire).

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Secret Empire is improving as it moves closer to the big climax. This issue finds most of its success in exploring the divide between Marvel's older, pragmatic heroes and the more idealistic generation. The heavy focus on the Punisher doesn't hurt. But inconsistent art quality remains one of the main, recurring problems with this mini-series, and that problem doesn't seem to be lessening with time.

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