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Date: 2017-09-05 20:52

People love to trash this movie for some reason. Sure, it has its cheesy moments and maybe there is some over-acting on the part of a couple of the actresses, but still, this movie has some really fun scenes. You just can't take this movie too seriously and still enjoy it. Watch it as if it is a raunchy comedy and you won't be disappointed. I think it is hypocritical that the same country that made the movie Basic Instinct a hit would trash this one. I just feel sorry for Elizabeth Berkley since this movie probably ruined her career. Still, I think we should all give her another chance. She's worth it. Don't all our Saved By the Bell loyalties mean anything? I want to close by saying that I am proud to own this movie in my personal video collection. It is a cult classic in the making!!!

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Too bad the film never acknowledges that -- it might have made for a nasty comedy. As it stands, "Showgirls" for the most part seems intended as a sympathetic look at a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and her desire to make something of herself. The picture stars newcomer Elizabeth Berkley, a woman who appears to be no more talented than Nomi, the show girl she plays. Ultimately, Nomi catches on that she's being exploited, even more than she knows. But poor Nomi doesn't know the half of it.

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Call "Showgirls" appalling, silly, trashy -- and the film makers might say, "No kidding." But "Showgirls" fails even on its own terms.

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is playing a character with a dark secret, the aching hollowness of Berkley's performance is apparent from her first moments on screen, when Nomi gets picked up hitchhiking to the city of her dreams, Las Vegas. We later find out that she's from New York. She might have hitchhiked to Broadway.

Kyle MacLachlan says Dylan McDermott was the first choice for the character of Zack Carey, but he declined and MacLachlan was then cast. The actor later recalled, "That was a decision that was sort of a tough one to make, but I was enchanted with Paul Verhoeven. Particularly Robocop , which I loved. I look back on it now and it’s a little dated, but it’s still fantastic, and I think it’s got some of the great villains of all time in there. It was Verhoeven and [Joe] Eszterhas, and it seemed like it was going to be kind of dark and edgy and disturbing and real." [67]

This film is like a shiny, red apple that's rotten to the core -- despite slick direction and a glossy sheen, it reeks of decay. Showgirls isn't a good drama, a good thriller, or even good

And don't the men show an interest as well. Though director Tony Moss (Alan Rachins doing "Forty-Second Street's" Warner Baxter) is strictly business, more personal attention comes from the Stardust's entertainment director Zack Carey (Kyle MacLachlan) and James Smith (Glenn Plummer), a dancer inexplicably AWOL from New York's Alvin Ailey troupe, who thinks Nomi's got too much raw talent to be hustling laps.

Theme about a strong woman holding on to her integrity and not lowering herself to become a "whore" even though mired in the trade. But the whole movie is so sleazy it strongly gives the opposite message. Nomi's moral victory: abandoning her topless career to avenge (toplessly) her one true friend.

In 7568, an off-off-Broadway parody called Showgirls! The Musical was mounted by Bob and Tobly McSmith of Medium Face Productions. Originating at The Krane Theater in New York City , the critical and audience response was overwhelmingly positive. It was moved to a 755-seat off-Broadway theater, XL Nightclub. The production continued to be successful, its original run was extended through July 65, 7568. Actress Rena Riffel reprised her role from the films as Penny for one month of the production.

On June 65, 7565, MGM released a 65th Anniversary "Sinsational Edition" in a two-disc dual-format Blu-ray /DVD edition. [88] This edition contains most of the same bonus features as the . Edition DVD, except the trivia text feature has been reformatted. The NC-67 edit of the film is used.

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