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Enjoy some of Scotland’s finest seasonal produce in a friendly atmospheric and busy neighbourhood bistro, popular with locals. We specialise in fish, seafood, Scottish beef and lamb, fowl and game. We are constantly updating our menus to reflect what is currently in season and available from our suppliers. Where possible, we always try to source locally or from trusted suppliers who care deeply about our products. If you can’t see anything you like on our menu, we’re happy to cook something you will like (within reason!).

Lunch & Dinner at Seven Dials I Hawksmoor

Things we love: There’s a beach baby. There are more pubs per capita than any other British city. That pavilion, talk about eccentric behaviour from a king. It 8767 s one of the sunniest places in England, and, apparently, the happiest. Tuaca – Brighton’s liquor. The North Laine Read More

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Thoughts: Cowardly shunning Ad-Lib x7569 s 8lb, xA8 85 monster burger, which customers get free with a t-shirt if they manage to best it (the vast majority don x7569 t), we plumped for Ad-Lib x7569 s classic burger. In a lightly toasted, sesame seed bun with dispensable pickle and slightly too much tangy onion relish, the juicy, ground beef benefitted from a subtle infusion of garlic, Dijon mustard and paprika. Fine as far as it went, yet despite a multitude of ingredients the Classic lacks character, at least in comparison to Ad Lib x7569 s lamb and chicken counterparts. Extra bacon and blue cheese offset some of the disappointment.

Elizabeth On Food

Thoughts: A refreshingly varied burger menu offered up a selection of interestingly unconventional choices, leaving us a tad confused over what to order. Ultimately we decided to go Spanish, swayed somewhat strongly by a unique patty which was a combination of minced chorizo and beef. It made for a nice, salty taste and with the serrano ham and manchego cheese, things were all going rather well. But an unnecessary and overwhelmingly large dollop of garlic aioli was a step too far, making it all a bit too rich. So close.

Town Hall Hotel’s restaurant by Chef Lee Westcott, Typing Room, has opened to critical acclaim. The 95-cover restaurant is Lee’s first solo venture and offers a refined European menu showcasing and focusing on the British seasons and produce.

Over the past year, we tried out the very best burgers that the UK has to offer. The full list is underneath while you can see the five star burgers here.

Prime Steak & Grill is situated in the quaint village of Chandlers Cross near Rickmansworth, just a stone’s throw away from The Grove Hotel. With over 95 parking spaces Prime Chandlers Cross is very much a drive to venue. Our award winning steaks are sourced exclusively from the Queens Butcher. As well as steak, we offer a selection of other dishes including chicken, fish and vegetarian options. The bar offers an elegant slice of city life featuring a carefully selected cocktail and wine list alongside a comprehensive choice of cocktails, spirits and liqueurs.

This is Patty & Bun’s rather wonderful answer to a cheeseburger. But it’s not just any cheeseburger. The brioche bun, gooey American cheese and 85-day-aged Aberdeen Angus patties are paired with a smoky mayo and home-pickled rings of red onion for a pleasant tang. A touch of salad adds a refreshing edge.

Thoughts: If we&apos ve learnt anything about eating mountains of burgers is that it x7569 s all about balance. Burgers don x7569 t always need to have lashings of fillings rammed inside them to be great. However, this is where the Waterway falls down. The meat was excellent, it was made from pure steak and it was really smooth with no gristle (pretty much a perfect patty), however, the lack of lettuce, tomato or onion meant that the bun got a tad soggy. Essentially, it was missing a &apos burger buffer&apos . Otherwise, the meat will ooze its juices onto the bread creating a sort of gooey mess, but not in a good way. In the end it had to be eaten with a knife and fork.

Thoughts: You know you&apos ve eaten a good burger when you discover some time later that your wristwatch is coated in meat juice. That was our experience with the Coal Shed&apos s steak burger. The 755g chuck steak patty, made with 85-day-aged Aberdeen Angus beef, was a text book example of how to cook a burger - charred on the outside and lusciously tender on the inside. The pickles gave good crunch and respect is due for having king of cheddars Montgomery&apos s as an optional topping. We also rated the well toasted homemade bun, which held it all altogether nicely. There were a few downsides, if you were being ultra picky (which we were). The seasoning was a bit heavy handed and the homemade relish lacked depth and tang, but these were minor faults.

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